Totchan From Love Village: All We Know About the Star

Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ is a Japanese dating show that follows various singles over the age of 35 who are looking for a chance at love. The journey itself is far from simple, but it does allow people to understand the true meaning of companionship and what is needed to form a lifelong connection. One of the most prominent cast members from the first season of the show is none other than  Totchan, who easily captured the hearts of many. Naturally, people are eager to know as much as they can about her, and we are here to explore the same.

Totchan’s Nationality: Japanese with Korean Heritage

When she entered the Netflix social experiment, Totchan was 45 years old and shared that she would turn 46 that year. Born in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan, both of her parents are from Korea and moved to the island nation. After completing her schooling, Totchan went on to finish college. She described herself as impulsive and laid back, though we do get to see a serious side of her in the show. While on the screen, her ability to form friendships is evident for all to see. Not only is she easily able to create connections, but she also seems quite adept at ready people and situations. Additionally, her focus when it comes to any form of work is certainly evident to see though that does not mean she does not know how to relax and enjoy life.

Totchan’s Professional Career

Totchan is a Therapist who works with a variety of clients. As shared by the reality TV star, she left her job after marriage in order to be at home and help with household chores along with taking care of her son. However, she started working once more when things changed, and, as of writing, she seems to be content in her current workplace. She is also quite inquisitive by nature and was seen discussing psychology with Johnny in the show.

Totchan is Likely Not Dating Anyone

Presently, it does not seem like Totchan is dating anyone. She shared on the show that she had been married once before when she was 32 years old. Describing her former husband, she said that he was “high-strung” and “a neat freak,” which seemingly clashed with her personality. This led her to quit her job and stay at home in order to keep the house in impeccable condition. However, after hearing her son blame himself for the arguments between herself and her spouse, Totchan realized that she could not let it continue. Hence, she became single after about a decade of marriage.

Entering the Netflix show, Totchan quickly became attracted to Tabo, a businessman who had been single for about the past 6-7 years. The two would often work together, and they bonded over their shared Korean heritage. However, while Totchan was quite interested in him, she wanted Tabo to make some gestures in order for their connection to go further. However, Tabo did not seem inclined to do so, and after a seemingly one-sided conversation, Totchan’s hopes vanished.

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