Will There be a Tough as Nails Season 2?

CBS’s ‘Tough as Nails’ is designed to pay an ode to regular Americans who do not shy away from toiling for long hours, rolling up their sleeves, and getting their hands dirty. The competition features tough citizens who are proud of the calluses on their hands. The reality contest comprises of a series of challenges, curated to test the strength, endurance, skills, and mental prowess of its players. Helmed by Phil and Louise Keoghan, ‘Tough as Nails’ opened to good reviews and warm response, following its grand debut. Now, fans are curious to know if the show will spawn another season. Well, we have some good news in store!

Tough as Nails Season 2 Release Date:

‘Tough as Nails’ season 1 premiered on July 8, 2020, on CBS, and ended with its 10th episode on September 2, 2020. Averaging around 4 million viewers throughout its inaugural run, the show opened with an impressive start. Noting its promising future, CBS greenlighted the series for another season on August 12, 2020. Thom Sherman, Senior Executive Vice President, Programming, CBS Entertainment, confirmed the news in a statement as reported by Deadline:

“Tough as Nails stands out with its unique look and positive, heartfelt competitive spirit that showcases the strength, grit, and determination of remarkable hardworking men and women. Under Phil Keoghan’s deft touch, the series has lived up to its name as a real summer workhorse for us, and we look forward to a second season with another extraordinary group of competitors.”

Casting for the next outing had already commenced ahead of the renewal announcement. If filming starts in the next couple of weeks, ‘Tough as Nails’ season 2 will most likely premiere in Summer 2021.

Tough as Nails Host And Contestants

Season 1 of ‘Tough as Nails’ is hosted by Phil Keoghan, mainly noted as the host and executive producer of the multiple Emmy Award-winning reality competition series, ‘The Amazing Race’. He additionally has presented ‘National Geographic Explorer’ and his own podcast ‘BUCKiT with Phil Keoghan’. A winner of multiple Emmys himself, Keoghan is also a documentarian, who is a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Since he is one of the co-creators of ‘Tough as Nails’, alongside his wife Louise, he will make a comeback in season 2 as well.

The first season introduces us to 12 participants, competing in two teams of six. The contestants who fail in elimination challenges are not completely eliminated but they get a chance to win additional prizes during team competitions. The players in season 1 are from a diverse range of hardy professions and their names are — Linnett Key, Danny Moody, Melissa Burns, Kelly “Murph” Murphy, Linda Goodridge, Luis Yuli, Young An, Michelle S. Kiddy, Callie Cattell, Tara Davis, Myles V. Polk, and Lee Marshall.

In the pre-finale, we see Dirty Hands earning the most Badges of Honor and winning the cash bonus of $60,000. In the finale, five of the remaining contestants, Callie, Danny, Kelly, Linda, and Myles battle it out to pocket the grand cash prize of $200,000 and a Ford Super Duty truck. Season 2 will rope in a fresh batch of players, who are ready to redefine the meaning of toughness — both physical and mental.

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