Twisted Metal End Credits Scene, Explained

Peacock’s ‘Twisted Metal’ is an action-comedy series developed for television by Michael Jonathan Smith. It stars Anthony Mackie (‘Altered Carbon‘) and Stephanie Beatriz (‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘) in the lead roles and is based on the video game franchise of the same name. The series follows John Doe, an amnesiac motor-mouthed Milkman who is assigned a near-impossible delivery mission. In his quest, John encounters several intriguing characters and learns more about his past. However, after John’s quest ends and the credits roll, a bonus scene confirms the fate of a fan-favorite character. If you are looking for an explanation about the end-credits scene of ‘Twisted Metal,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Twisted Metal End Credits: How Is Sweet Tooth Alive?

The first season of ‘Twisted Metal’ starts off in post-apocalyptic wastelands following the Fall, an incident that caused the fall of society. The series vastly deviates from the source material in the initial episodes. It focuses on John Doe’s quest to complete a near-impossible delivery to achieve a place in New San Fransisco and live a peaceful life. However, the finale aligns the show with its video game counterparts by setting up a vehicular combat tournament organized by the enigmatic villain Calypso.

In the finale, John Doe and Quiet are forced to fight Agent Stone’s forces when he traps them in a demolition derby. While the duo escapes alive, John and Quiet are forced to part ways when only the former is granted entrance into the city. Later, John learns about his past and the upcoming tournament he is forced to drive in. Meanwhile, the demolition derby in the finale also sees the death of Sweet Tooth, the most popular character from the source material and the game mascot. Nonetheless, the post-credits scene sheds light on Sweet Tooth’s true fate.

The end-credits scene sees Stu and Mike, two lawmen who worked for Agent Stone before siding with Sweet Tooth, enjoy a peaceful drink by the beach. The bumbling and incompetent duo enjoys escaping with their life during the carnage caused by Sweeth Tooth during the climactic battle. The duo betrayed Sweet Tooth as Stu shot him to save Mike’s life. While escaping the battlefield, Stu and Mike run over an injured Sweet Tooth. However, in the post-credits scene, Sweet Tooth is revealed to be alive and kills Mike with his machete. He then drags Stu with him, possibly to exact revenge for betraying him. However, the sequence ends without explaining how Sweet Tooth survived.

The post-credits scene keeps Sweet Tooth in the story, and confirming his survival is important given the character’s importance to the source material’s lore. Sweet Tooth will likely also join the upcoming tournament organized by Calypso. In the video games, Sweet Tooth has access to supernatural powers, which could explain how he healed his injuries and survived a near-certain death. Moreover, it is also likely that Sweet Tooth was revived by Calypso in preparation for the upcoming tournament considering he is one of the best drivers among the Outsiders and could be a wildcard in the competition. Thus, the post-credits scene implies that the fan-favorite serial killer clown will be a cornerstone of the series in the future should it return for a second installment.

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