‘Twisted Metal’ Season 2 Starts Filming in Toronto in July

Anthony Mackie and crew are heading back to the walled fortresses soon! The filming of the second season of Peacock’s action comedy ‘Twisted Metal’ is slated to begin on July 17 in Toronto, Ontario, and wrap up by November 19, 2024. Michael Jonathan Smith will continue as the showrunner of the series. The video game-inspired show’s leads, Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz, will return as John Doe and Quiet, while new talents will be brought in to play fresh characters like Dollface.

The first season finale depicts John Doe achieving his long-desired acceptance into New San Francisco. Assisted by Quiet, he successfully delivers a package to Raven on time. Despite John’s wish to include Quiet in his newfound life within the city’s walls, Raven vehemently opposes the idea. However, Quiet insists that John enter the city, even resorting to shooting him to ensure he receives medical care inside. Once inside, John struggles to adapt to his new life despite its apparent comforts. Unbeknownst to him, everything is orchestrated by Raven to ensure his contentment, including the fake package he delivered. Eventually, John realizes his true calling lies on the open road with Quiet, much to Raven’s dismay.

In a last-ditch effort to sway John, Raven reveals that his childhood home is in New San Francisco, along with the possible existence of a long-lost sister. Despite this revelation, John remains steadfast in his desire to leave and reunite with Quiet. In desperation, Raven takes drastic action, imprisoning John and disclosing her sinister plan: she has been grooming him to become her driver in Calypso’s first Twisted Metal tournament. The tournament’s contestants are unveiled, all fighting to get their wishes granted by Calypso. By the final episode, Quiet is surrounded by a mysterious group of women wearing doll-faced masks. Their psychotic leader is looking for John and reveals herself to be his long-lost sister.

The second season is expected to continue the tournament and introduce many of the video game’s iconic characters and plotlines. Dollface’s allegiance may tip either way, while John will continue participating in the carnage-filled tournament. The fate of Mike (Tahj Vaughans) is expected to be revealed, and Sweet Tooth (Joe Seanoa and Will Arnett) will likely continue his psychopathic rampage. Characters like Amber (Diany Rodriguez) and Miranda Watts (Jamie Neumann) will likely join John as contestants, possibly along with bizarre new ones.

The first season of ‘Twisted Metal’ was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana, but the production has since shifted to Toronto, Ontario, for the second season. Toronto, a hub for filmmakers, is busy with many noteworthy productions shooting within its borders. Prime Video’s ‘Gen V’ season 2 will begin filming in the city in the coming fall. Simon Barry’s teen series ‘Bet’ is slated to start principal photography in the region on May 21, 2024. Benito Skinner’s ‘Overcompensating’ will also employ Toronto as a filming location in July.

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