Tyler Perry’s ‘Straw’ in the Works at Netflix

Another day and another Tyler Perry project surfaces! Tyler Perry will direct the drama film ‘Straw’ for Netflix. Shooting for the movie will start in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 28 and conclude on June 28. Written by Perry, the feature revolves around Janiyah, a devoted mother who strives to provide for her child despite limited resources. However, when a series of unfortunate events unfold on one fateful morning, she faces a daunting dilemma as she is caught between a rock and a hard place with the eyes of the world upon her.

The film has joined the long slate of Perry’s upcoming projects, which include Netflix’s ‘Six Triple Eight,’ a period drama film highlighting the real-life story of the 6888th Postal Directory Battalion, the only all-Black female battalion, during World War II. The film, led by Kerry Washington and Oprah Winfrey, sheds light on their remarkable efforts to sort through millions of undelivered mail items, completed in just three months. Another project, Amazon MGM Studios’ ‘Black, White & Blue,’ follows Fela Blackburn’s quest for justice after her husband dies at the hands of a police officer. Starring Meagan Tandy and Kat Graham, the film delves into themes of betrayal and deceit in the pursuit of truth.

In addition, Perry is directing Amazon MGM Studios’ ‘Joy Ridge,’ a romantic drama set during Christmas, and Netflix’s ‘Beauty in Black,’ a 16-episode drama series exploring the lives of two women, Kimmie and Mallory, in Atlanta. Kimmie (Meagan Tandy) seeks stability after being cast out by her mother, while Mallory (Kat Graham) thrives in her successful business. The production of the series is currently underway in Atlanta

Furthermore, Perry is developing ‘Route 187,’ a crime drama series that revolves around the violence that takes place on a bus route, at BET. The filmmaker’s upcoming projects also include Netflix’s ‘Madea’s Destination Wedding,’ the thirteenth film in his renowned and hilarious ‘Madea’ cinematic universe. His latest film, Netflix’s ‘Mea Culpa,’ follows criminal defense attorney Mea Harper as she looks into the murder case of artist Zyair Malloy, uncovering hidden truths while navigating her client’s enigmatic demeanor.

Atlanta is Perry’s most preferred shooting location, especially since his production facility, Tyler Perry Studios, is located in the city. In addition to almost all of his recent projects, including ‘Mea Culpa,’ popular productions shot in the region include ‘A Man in Full‘ and ‘The Idea of You.’

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