Tyler Perry’s Beauty in Black Starts Filming in Atlanta Next Month

The filming of Tyler Perry’s Netflix series ‘Beauty in Black’ is set to commence in Atlanta, Georgia, next month. The show is set to unfold as a 16-episode drama with Perry taking on the roles of writer, director, and producer.

The narrative revolves around two women, Kimmie and Mallory, who are leading disparate lives. Kimmie grapples with making a living after being cast out by her mother, while Mallory thrives in running a successful business. Kimmie and her best friend Rain have found themselves a small measure of stability, working in a strip joint. She has aspirations of being an entrepreneur, modeling herself after Mallory, the “Beauty in Black” owner.

Perry’s ongoing collaboration with Netflix is expanding through a first-look series deal, building upon their initial partnership for movies, signed in October 2023. Under the latter multi-year agreement, Perry continues to make films for the streaming giant as a writer, director, and producer. Notable releases under this collaboration include ‘A Jazzman’s Blues,’ starring Joshua Boone and Amirah Vann, ‘A Madea Homecoming,’ the 12th installment in the ‘Madea’ franchise, and the thriller ‘A Fall from Grace.’

Perry’s upcoming Netflix features include ‘Mea Culpa,’ starring Kelly Rowland as a defense attorney, and ‘Six Triple Eight,’ a Kerry Washington-starrer that revolves around an all-black battalion of the Women’s Army Corps stationed overseas during World War II. He is also engaged in the production of ‘Madea’s Destination Wedding,’ the thirteenth ‘Madea’ film, and the road trip movie ‘Joe’s College Road Trip‘ for the streaming platform.

Perry most recently spearheaded the TV series ‘Ruthless,’ a spinoff of ‘The Oval,’ in which Ruth Truesdale is compelled to navigate a scandalous religious cult of powerful, sex-crazed fanatics in the hopes of securing freedom for herself and her daughter. He also directed Nickelodeon’s ‘Young Dylan,’ which follows Young Dylan as his grandmother decides to send him to live indefinitely with her affluent son’s family, leading to a clash of lifestyles between the aspiring hip-hop star and his strait-laced cousins in the Wilson family household. Perry recently served as the writer for the TV series ‘Caught Up,’ in which Jazzy, raised by her traditional Caribbean parents to never settle for less, finds herself at a crossroads when her seemingly perfect boyfriend drops an unexpected bombshell.

Atlanta, in recent times, has been a bustling entertainment production. The city previously hosted the shooting of renowned productions such as ‘The Color Purple‘ and ‘The Family Plan.’

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