How is Joey Badass’ Unique Alive in Power Book III: Raising Kanan?

The tenth and final episode of Starz’s crime drama series ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan’ season 3 ends with Kadeem “Unique” Mathis showing up near the dead body of his brother Ronnie Mathis. Unique’s family members, rivals, and allies believe that the former is dead, especially after Ronnie’s emergence into the drug scene of Queens to replace his absent brother. Since the series features several dead characters who show up in others’ visions, ranging from D-Wiz to Scrappy, the viewers can’t even be blamed if they wonder whether the figure who appears at the end of the episode is Unique’s ghost. Well, the narration accompanying the appearance clears any confusion regarding the drug lord’s fate! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Ronnie’s Mistake and Unique’s Survival

The third season finale of the crime drama ends with Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s older Kanan stating, “If you take anything at all from all this bullshit, take this. When you kill a nigga, make sure he’s dead,” along with Unique’s mysterious appearance. Kanan’s words make it abundantly clear that Unique is really alive and that too because Ronnie fails to make sure that his brother is dead for good. But how exactly does Unique survive the attack on him, which seems so brutal? Well, Unique is a well-known face in the borough of Queens as the drug lord who ruled the streets of the region.

Even though Ronnie believes that he dumped Unique where no one would spot him, no nook and cranny in the region is inaccessible. South Jamaica is a place where you can find enough “humans of nighttime” and somebody must have spotted Unique. Considering his popularity in the borough, the individual may have recognized the rich man in the ditch and helped him expecting a reward. Such an intervention may have saved Unique from bleeding to death. Unique’s face at the end of the finale makes it clear that he was badly hurt but not hurt enough to die in no time.

Unique must have lost his consciousness after getting beaten up by Ronnie and since the latter didn’t plan to kill his brother, the ex-convict may have been in a state of panic to ensure whether the former is dead for good. After possibly getting rescued by someone, Unique must have realized that it is not safe for him to return to South Jamaica to exact his vengeance on Ronnie. By the time Unique recovers from the near-death experience, Ronnie not only forms a business alliance with the former’s bitter rival Juliana but also starts to have a dalliance with her.

Furthermore, Unique must have learned about Snaps and Pop’s investment in Ronnie’s new endeavor. For Unique, confronting his brother at the time means standing against his powerful allies as well, which must have made him hide and watch how things turn around for Ronnie. Luckily for him, Raq’s decision to return to the game of narcotics provokes Ronnie enough for a battle to ensue between them. The ex-convict commits another mistake by trying to kill his rival, only for Kanan to put a bullet in his dead for attempting to murder his mother. Since Raq has already killed Juliana, the coast is clear for Unique to show up, which explains his appearance in the season 3 finale.

With Ronnie and Juliana dead, Unique can reclaim his throne in the drug scene of Queens. In the already announced fourth season, we may see how his return to the “game” will affect Raq’s efforts to remain in the narcotics business. Either they may team up and fight the FBI together or clash again to dominate the other. Their intense and unignorable attraction toward one another may also influence the state of their potential relationship.

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