Val x Love Season 2: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

‘Val x Love’, though it presents a very good idea, it brutally fails at executing it properly. Instead of explaining its premise with proper character development and backstories, it just moves in a direction where it comes off as nothing but a clichéd harem Ecchi. For the most part, even its actions scenes fall flat and its characters seem quite one-dimensional.

‘Val x Love’ is only for those who are looking for some cheap fan service humor that usually lacks any context. The only good thing about it is that it’s fairly loyal to its source material and even has a decent overall pace. All in all, it comes nowhere close to being one of the best anime of the season and you might want to skip it if you have better things to watch.

Val x Love Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Val x Love’ season 1 premiered on October 5, 2019 and with a total of 12 episodes, it ended on December 21, 2019. ‘Val x Love’ is another one of those shows that come off as borderline hentai with a decent storyline. In a way, it’s also quite underwhelming as it makes no attempt to stand out from the rest of its kind.What’s really surprising is how, despite being so typical, it has gained quite a lot of popularity since its release.

As of now, it seems like this anime has been solely created for the promotion of its source material manga and even when we look back at Hoods Entertainment Studio’s history with other similar anime shows, it has never been too keen on creating sequels of it shows. So a sequel of it seems very less likely but then again, all of it will eventually come down to the popularity and sales of its season 1. If, by any chance, it is being considered for a sequel, we can expect ‘Val x Love’ season 2 to release sometime in 2021.

Val x Love English Dub:

As of now, an official English Dub of ‘Val x Love’ has not been released but you can still stream it on HiDive with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Val x Love Plot:

The human world has been engulfed with dark demonic creatures who want to take over the entire planet. Humanity’s last hope rests on nine Valkyries. And these Valkyries completely depend on a young boy, Takuma Akutsu, who is their only power source. Takuma chooses to live a relentlessly lonely life but accidentally, he ends up saving the life of a Valkyrie one day. With this, all the nine Valkyries fall in love with him and he soon becomes a source of power for all of them. As the Valkyries save humanity from gruesome demons, Takuma has to make love to all of them to make sure that they’re all powered up. All the Valkyries come and stay with him and his solitary life goes right out of the window. But in the end, he does manage to prove that love can, indeed, save the world.

Val x Love Characters:

Takuma Akutsu

Takuma Akutsu is a high school student who is only 16 years old but in appearance, he is close to 6 feet tall and has a very mature looking face. Because of this, he is always ridiculed by the kids at his school who even call him “Akuma”. After being bullied all his life for his appearance, he develops a fear of people and begins to live his life in complete isolation. After a while, when he finally starts getting used to his lonely existence, he is forced to stay with nine Valkyries who are the only hope for humanity’s survival against vicious demons.

Natsuki Saotome

Natsuki is the seventh among the nine Valkyrie sisters and later, she even becomes a part of Takuma’s class. Because of her good looks, she gets really popular at school and is often labeled as the “angel”. But only Takuma knows how hard it is to deal with her. She is the Valkyries who Takuma ends up saving and she instantly falls in love with him after that. Compared to her sisters, she looks a little less mature and that really bothers her.

Itsuyo Saotome

Itsuyo is the fifth of the bunch and has a very beautiful face. Compared to her sisters, she is also extremely smart and is easily able to get good grades at school. But she also has this father complex and she constantly seeks Takuma’s approval.

Mutsumi Saotome

Mutsumi is the sixth of the nine sisters and besides being a demon-slaying Valkyrie, she is also a very popular idol. She attends the same school as Takuma and like all of her sisters, she falls in love with him. But because of her busy schedule as an idol, she is never really able to find time to go on a date with. Thus really bums her out and her shy personality makes things even worse.

Ichika Saotome

Ichika is the oldest of all sister and for some unknown reason, she refuses to stay with Takuma at his place. Even so, she keeps an eye on him and all of her sisters who are staying at his place.

Futaba Saotome

Futaba, the second sister, acts as a motherly figure for all and handles all the chores at home. She is very mature and everyone looks up to her. Even her powers are so so advanced that all of her sisters even nickname her as “Her Majesty the Queen.”

Misa Saotome

Misa is the third one in the group who also takes on the responsibly of looking after others. She has a unique power known as the “thread ability” that not only allows her to kill her enemies but it also gives her excellent sewing abilities. Using this, she creates several stuffed animals for her sisters.

Shino Saotome

The fourth sister, Shino, keeps to herself and nothing much is known about her. She’s a very mysterious girl who prefers to stay in the cellar of the garden.

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