12 Best English Dubbed Anime of All Time

Anime is a form of animation that has its origin in Japan. So obviously, they are produced in the Japanese language. Though after watching a tonne of anime you get the feel for watching English subbed anime, for some people this experience can be annoying. If you don’t like reading dialogs while you watch an anime and think it kind of makes the whole thing a bit tedious then this list is for you. Here is the list of best English dubbed anime movies and series. This list is not ranked, let us know in the comments what are some other nice English dubbed anime.

12. Psycho-Pass (2012)

Let’s start with the one that I recently watched. ‘Psycho-Pass’ is a great action/psychological genre anime. The dark and tense atmosphere of the series just makes it much more fun to watch. This anime is available in English dub. This anime is set in a futuristic era where a system, the Sybil system, is developed to counteract crime. This system evaluates a persons Psycho-Pass analysis and shows whether a person is likely to commit a crime or not. Though everything seems fair and all, Akane Tsunemori, a newcomer in the justice department has her doubts. She is joined by her partner Shinya Kougami, an Enforcer.

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11. Guilty Crown (2011)

This is another great anime that I watched in English dub. The story is set in a future Japan. The nation is still in the aftermath of the outbreak of a deadly virus. Now, the nation is controlled by a military unit known as GHQ. They have decided to rule the people and are often violent. To save the people from the tyranny of GHQ a resistance group known as Funeral Parlor has taken a stand. During one of their mission, they find a boy named Shuu who gains a special power which enables him to create weapons using people’s personality or psyche. Will he be able to save Japan?

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10. Free! (2013)

Up next we have a sports genre anime. ‘Free!’ deals with a bunch of high schoolers who have a passion for swimming. Though Haruka, Rin, Nagisa, and Makuto were close in elementary school and won the relay tournament, they have now gone there separate ways. Years later they find themselves together and try form back the group. But there’s one problem. Rin has become indifferent and is jealous of Haruka. So, his sole purpose is to beat Haruka. But the group needed a fourth member. So, Haruka recruits Rei, a former track team member. As the series progresses the members of the group grow close to each other.

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9. Steins; Gate (2011)

I have no idea why I haven’t included ‘Steins; Gate’ in any of my previous lists. This is one of the best sci-fi anime and yes, it is available in English. I suggest that you watch this anime first before going into the others. The story sees Rintarou Okabe who along with his two friends Mayuri and Hashida spend time in his lab, trying to develop futuristic gadgets. Their best product yet is a microwave which turns bananas into green jelly. Boring so far, right? Then a series of events happen which makes them understand the true nature of their accidental invention. The microwave can send SMS into past which can alter history. This pits them against a powerful organization named SERN.

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8. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (2006)

I love action comedies. I really do. This is one of my favorite action/comedy genre anime. The story follows the life of Kenichi who is bullied by everyone. He wants to become powerful but rather than actual training he relies on books to give him motivation. After a fateful encounter with the beautiful Miu, he joins her dojo Ryouzanpaku. But everything is not so simple. He has to undergo harsh training under several masters present in the dojo. He decides to give up but stays to further his relationship with Miu. The more strong he gets, more the trouble increases as a group of delinquents calling themselves Ragnarok start bullying him.

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7. Nanatsu no Taizai (2014)

This is a nice adventure/action anime. The plot is set in an era where Knights are the protector of peace and justice. They use magical powers to keep people safe. A group of knights known as The Seven Deadly Sins decided to overthrow the rulers but were defeated by the holy knights but he sins survived. A decade later the holy knights themselves attempt a successful coup and become the new tyrannous ruler. This makes the princess go on an adventure to find the knights so that she can regain her kingdom.

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6. Hellsing Ultimate (2006)

If you love some bloodthirsty vampire action then this one is for you. Hellsing tells the story of a world where there are evil creatures lurking in the darkness and devouring any unfortunate humans that they capture, Hellsing is an organization which protects people against this monsters and when news of a vampire going haywire emerges, Alucard, a powerful vampire with allegiance to the organization, is sent. He ends up meeting a policewoman who gets mortally wounded. Alucard gives her two choices; die as a human or live as a vampire. She chooses life and joins the Hellsing organization.

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5. Cowboy Bebop (1998)

This is an all-time great action/adventure anime. Spike is a bounty hunter and is helped by his partner Jet, an ex-cop. The duo is later joined by a genetically engineered corgi, a trickster Faye Valentine and Ed, a computer whiz. As the series progresses the adventures get more fun and interesting while each of the characters deep and dark past is slowly unraveled. The series is beautiful in its execution and the conclusion is in my regards one of the best in anime.

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4. Fairy Tail (2009)

If you love magic/fantasy themed anime then you should surely go for ‘Fairy Tail’. The anime is set in a magical land called Fiore. There are various magic guilds where many mages come together and take on certain jobs. Most famous among them is ‘Fairy Tail’ which Lucy Heartfilia wants to join. Lucy is later tricked by a man and is meant to be sold on the black market. She is saved by Natsu who is a member of Fairy Tail and invites Lucy to join the group. This starts a set of new adventures in her life.

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3. Dragon Ball Series (1986)

This is one of the most popular action anime. Even a non-anime watcher must have at least watched a few episodes/ scenes here and there. It is also one of the longest running anime series having aired in 1986. The series follows the adventures of Goku, a survivor of the destroyed alien race of Saiyan. He is later joined by the Saiyan prince Vegeta who at first is his enemy but later sides on his side (though he still considers Goku his rival). They along with their other friends try to save mankind from extra-terrestrial threats. The ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z’ series are available in English

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2. Death Note (2006)

Another example that proves the brilliance of anime, ‘Death Note’ tries to provide a situation which answers the question- What happens if a human gets Godlike powers? Follow the life of Light Yagami who finds a death note, a diary used by Shinigamis to kill people by writing their name on it. Light starts slowly by killing off few criminals but is later consumed by this power as he starts killing anyone who dares to stand in his path. His troubles increase when genius detective by the name of L starts investigating the case and starts having his doubts on Light. The series always keeps you on the edge and the background music and visuals just create a complete experience.

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1. Naruto (2004)

Chances are you have already watched Naruto given its popularity. But since this a list which deals with best English dubbed anime I decided to keep it. ‘Naruto’ tells the tale of a young brat known as Naruto Uzumaki, who wants to be the best ninja and become the Hokage of his village. He joins the ninja school and is put in a team with two other students. Sasuke, a talented ninja and the last survivor of Uchihara clan and Sakura, a girl on whom Naruto has a crush on. As the series progresses the characters develop pretty well and we et to see some fun adventures. Also, it turns out that Naruto is hated by the villagers since the spirit of a Nine-tailed Fox demon is sealed within him.

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