13 Anime Like Maid Sama You Must See

‘Maid Sama’ is a romantic comedy that follows the story of a girl and a boy who come from totally different backgrounds and find love despite their differences. Things used to be simple and boyish in Seika High, until it became a co-ed school. Because of the majority of students being male, the girls have a hard time adapting to their environment. Misaki Ayuzawa decides to make things better for her fellow female students. She performs incredibly well in both athletics and academics and becomes the new star of the school after becoming the first female president of the school council. Even with all these accomplishments, Misaki doesn’t have an easy life at home. She, secretly, works part-time at a maid café to help her family by paying off her father’s debt. Things take a complicated turn, Takumi Usui, a popular boy at Seika High, discovers her secret.

Watching two poles-apart people find a connection in the midst of all the increasing difficulties and confusions is one of the most common, yet pleasing things, in the romantic genre. It becomes even better when it is more of a comedy than a tragedy, and ‘Maid Sama’ manages to walk the perfect balance between these things. Now that we have quickly refreshed your memory, here is the list of anime similar to Maid Sama that are our recommendations. You can watch some of these anime like Maid Sama on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

13. Peach Girl (2005)

Momo Adachi is a good girl, but bad things happen to her. The appearance of a tanned body and bleached hair doesn’t help her cause, either. There is a rumour out and about in the school about her being an “easy girl”. Turns out, it was Momo’s only friend, Sae, who had been spreading these rumours about her because she harboured a jealousy for her. Momo likes Toji, a basketball player, but doesn’t know how to initiate things between them. And then there is Kairi, a playboy who likes Momo. Stuck between these three people, Momo has to find her way through life.

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12. I Love You, Baby (2004)

Kippei is popular in school. He is a playboy and doesn’t care much about the feelings of others. When his aunt abandons his cousin, he is left to take care of the five-year-old Yuzuyu. As Kippei learns from his experiences he becomes not just a better caretaker for Yuzuyu but also becomes a better person. The change in his personality is also attributed to the presence of Kokoro in his life whom he asks for help.

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11. Mayo Chiki! (2011)

Kinjiro Sakamachi is a good boy. There is one problem with him though. He has an abnormal fear of women and every time he comes in close proximity to one, his nose starts bleeding. Things become increasingly difficult for him when he accidentally discovers that the butler, who is rather good-looking and popular in school, is actually a girl. In order to help her, he has to try to set his fears aside while handling his own problems.

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10. Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

Haruhi is unaware of the Ouran Academy Host Club in the Ouran Academy where she is a scholarship student. When she accidentally destroys a valuable thing, she is made to repay the debt by working for the Club. Her unkempt appearance makes people believe that she is a boy. By the time they realise her true identity, it is already too late to go back. Apart from these misadventures is her relationship with Tamaki. It is pretty apparent that they both like each other, but how long will it be before they confess their feelings?

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9. Mischievous Kiss (2008)

Kotoko Aihara has been in love with Naoki since the first day of high-school. After finally being able to muster the courage to talk to him, she tells him about her feelings. But, Naoki, being the popular, handsome boy in the school rejects her. Soon after, an earthquake destroys Kotoko’s house and her father takes their family to temporarily stay in his best friend’s house, who turns out to be Naoki’s father. As they start living under the same roof, Naoki starts to know Kotoko and eventually, develops feelings for her.

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8. School Rumble (2004-2008)

Tenma Tsukamoto isn’t really popular in school, but the guy she likes, Oji, is. He is nice, he is eccentric, he is everything Tenma ever dreams of. But, she doesn’t know how to profess her feelings to him. A similar situation is faced by Kenji who has feelings for Tenma. In fact, he is in the school just so he could be near her. But, he doesn’t know how to make her aware of his love for her. As both of them try to initiate their love lives, they are faced with problems that arise due to the confusions created by Harima who mistakenly creates misunderstandings.

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7. His and Her Circumstances (1998-1999)

Yukino Miyazawa is the star-girl of her school. She excels in studies, is beautiful and is praised by everyone. However, this is just a façade. Back home, she is a stubborn girl who is obsessed with staying on top and wants to be praised all the time. When Soichiro dethrones her from the top student of the class, she vows to bring him down. But, things take a different turn when Soichiro discovers her true personality and exploits it in his favour.

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6. My Little Monster (2012)

Shizuku has big plans for her future and she has focused herself on studies. She has a cold exterior which makes people think that she is emotionless. Then there is Haru Yoshida. He doesn’t care about studies and doesn’t know much about relationships. Others know him for his violent and uncontrollable behaviour. When Shizuku meets Haru, she discovers the innocence beneath his superficial behaviour and Haru discovers a warmth in her.

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5. Love Com (2007)

The heights of Risa and Atsushi are a bane to their existence. Risa is too tall for a Japanese girl and Atsushi is too short for a Japanese boy. Due to their height, they are a constant material for jokes of the fellow students. During summer school Ryouji, a tall boy, joins the school and Risa immediately falls in love with him. Atsushi, too, finds a girl whom he really likes. Seeing themselves facing similar situations, Risa and Atsushi decide to join forces and help each other’s love life.

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4. Say “I Love You” (2012)

A childhood incident shook Mei Tachibana so much that she found herself unable to trust people. Due to her already quiet nature, and inability to trust, she has spent all these years in school with friends. When Yamato Kurosawa, a popular boy in school, becomes interested in her, she slowly develops a friendship with him. In time, Mei learns to trust people and changes her life as she lets more people in.

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3. Wolf Girl and Black Prince (2014)

Erika Shinohara wants to fit in with everyone in her school. There is a popular group of girls that she wants to become a part of, but the condition is to have a boyfriend. Because Erika doesn’t have one, she clicks pictures with a stranger on the street and tells everyone that he is her boyfriend. He turns out to be one of the popular boys in school. When Erika asks his help to hide her secret, he agrees with the condition of her being his “Wolf Girl”. As Erika acts like a pet to him, she discovers that he has a darker personality than he lets on.

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2. Boys Over Flowers (1996-1997)

Talking of people coming from different backgrounds and finding love despite their differences, ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has been there, done that. Tsukushi joins the Eitoku Academy, a place which has a majority of students from rich, high-class family. Tsukushi feels out of place there but is comforted by the presence of her best friend Rui Hanazawa, whom she really likes. But, the spoiled brat and the leader of the Flower Four group in the school, Tsukasa likes Tsukushi and tries to win her affections.

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1. From Me to You (2009-2011)

Life became difficult for Sawako after ‘The Ring’ came out. Someone pointed out her resemblance to the ghost girl in the movie, and after that, she was marked. She doesn’t have friends because she scares some people, owing to the rumours about her being able to see ghosts, and others never see her seriously. However, when Kazehaya, a popular boy in the school whom Sawako actually likes, takes an interest in her, she begins to feel the changes in her life.

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