Was Betty Gore Pregnant When She Died?

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HBO Max’s ‘Love and Death’ revisits the story of Candy Montgomery with Elizabeth Olsen in the lead role. It starts from the beginning, showing the events that led to Betty Gore’s brutal death in her own home. What makes the case jarring is that Candy and Betty were good friends before things got so bad that one of them had to die. The fourth episode of the show begins with this confrontation between the women. Before the fight gets bloody, Betty says something that might make you wonder if she was expecting. Was Betty pregnant? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

The Reality of Betty’s Family Before Tragedy

No, the investigation into Betty’s murder didn’t reveal anything that would suggest that Betty was pregnant when she died. What might have caused suspicion about the subject is when, in the show, Betty says, “I’m going to have a baby, and you can’t have him this time.” This scene takes place on the day Candy comes to Betty’s house to pick up her daughter’s swimsuit, and Betty confronts her about the affair with Allan. Candy sees no point in telling lies and confesses to it, along with the fact that the affair ended months ago, and there was nothing between her and Allan anymore.

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In the moments that follow, Betty repeatedly tells Candy that she can’t have Allan. This shows that Betty had been insecure about their relationship. Their marriage had some troubles, and neither Betty nor Allan wanted to let go of each other. They attended Marriage Encounter, following which things had been going pretty well between them. The revelation of the affair threatened this newfound happiness, and that’s what inflamed Betty, and she attacked Candy.

The fact that she mentioned that there was a baby in the future could mean that Betty and Allan had been planning to have another baby. From the planning that went to the conception of their second daughter, Bethany, it is possible that Betty had been giving it some thought. Considering how much Allan had changed after the arrival of their daughter, Betty might have wondered if he would change a little more with another child. Betty’s dislike towards Allan’s constant traveling for work was no secret. Perhaps, Betty thought that having another child might make Allan give up traveling so much and pay more attention to their family.

What Betty had been thinking at the time and whether she was planning to have another child cannot be confirmed. The only children she had were Alisa and Bethany. The latter was around one-year-old when the confrontation between Betty and Candy happened and ended with Betty getting axed 41 times. Because no one found Betty until later that night, Bethany spent the whole day alone and unattended in her crib. The neighbors found her, called into action by Allan’s calls to check in on his wife. The baby was crying, dirty, and covered in her own excrement.

Bethany was also one of the reasons why Allan decided to end things with Candy. Their affair began sometime after Betty was pregnant with her second daughter. When Bethany was born, Allan felt a sense of increased responsibility and felt guilty about spending time with Candy in a motel. At the same time, his wife was alone at home, taking care of their newborn along with Alisa. He wanted to be there for his family, and his affair was taking away too much of his time and energy. Once Bethany was a year old, her parents had planned a vacation to Europe that would act as their second honeymoon. Unfortunately, it never came to pass.

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