Was Naya Rivera Found? Is She Dead?

Naya Rivera, best known for playing the role of Santana Lopez on ‘Glee,’ the Fox sitcom, has gone missing. According to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, Naya went missing from a rented boat on a Southern California Lake. While attempts are ongoing to locate her, local reports suggest that she’s presumed dead.

As per Captain Eric Buschow of the sheriff’s office, she arrived at Lake Piru in Ventura County, which is 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles. A couple of hours after she rented the boat, it was located with her son, Josey, inside, but Naya was missing. Their vehicle was still on site, and currently, the boy is with his family. The investigators have dubbed it as a horrible accident and do not suspect that any foul play was involved. They found the boy sleeping on the pontoon boat, and Naya’s purse and wallet were also found there, along with food.

The spokesperson has stated that the 33-year-old is presumed dead at this point, but efforts are ongoing to locate her body. A search and rescue dive team has been dispatched to search, along with a drone and a sheriff’s helicopter. Here’s the Ventura County Sheriff’s office announcing the beginning of the search.

More help is on the way, and Buschow spoke about this, saying, “We anticipate having a lot of resources out here tomorrow, resuming at daybreak with multiple dive teams from the state office of emergency services.” You can check out the latest post from the sheriff’s department, promising that more resources are being pooled to locate Rivera.

As the search continues, Naya’s ‘Glee’ castmates have taken the chance to express their hopes on Twitter. All thoughts and prayers are with Naya and her family, as everyone is hoping for a miraculous return. See the post here.

As for Naya herself, she put up a post recently, embracing her son. It reads, “just the two of us.” Naya has remained incredibly close to her son, who was born from her marriage with actor Ryan Dorsey. See her touching post below.

Rivera started her career as an entertainer at an early age and has appeared in shows like ‘Devious Maids.’ Most recently, Naya can be seen in the YouTube Red series ‘Step Up: High Water.’ The Southern California native was born and raised in the Santa Clarita Valley of Los Angeles County, nearly 20 miles away from Lake Piru. At the time of writing, Naya’s body has not been recovered. The search is underway, and one can only hope for the best for Naya and her family.

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