Was Shoresy Adopted? Who is Waffles?

Image Credit: Lindsay Sarazin/Hulu

‘Shoresy’ brings our favorite foul-mouthed chirping character from ‘Letterkenny‘ and follows him as he tries to turn around a struggling hockey team. The Sudbury Bulldogs are one loss away from folding when Shoresy vows that they will never lose again. Of course, he then has to make some interesting choices for the team, including hiring prison guards to play defense.

The spinoff series delves much deeper into Shoresy’s character than ‘Letterkenny’ and even gives him a wider range of interactions than the lockerroom banter that got him so popular in the first place. We also get a glimpse at Shoresy’s family, and they are fittingly quirky. There are a lot of intriguing details about the so-far mysterious titular character’s past that are dropped. Let’s take a closer look.

Was Shoresy Adopted?

Episode 4 finds Shoresy unexpectedly attending the Shore family reunion. Interestingly, most of the people in the room are Black, making it quite clear that Shoresy is adopted. His adoptive father then launches into a presentation about the family, and Shoresy’s past is finally revealed. As it turns out, Shoresy was adopted into a family that was in the habit of taking in children. After Shoresy, the family adopted two more children, one Black and the other Asian. Thus, Shoresy comes from quite a multi-cultural household. In fact, it becomes clear later that Shoresy’s family adopted even more children, and two of his sisters now plan to marry each other. Since they are both adopted, the father blesses the union.

Though we know nothing of Shoresy’s biological family or at what age he was adopted, one aspect that is crucial to the series plot is revealed. We learn why Shoresy hates losing so much and what pushes him to take on seemingly impossible challenges like never losing another hockey match. As a kid, Shoresy was not athletic and was regularly beaten at sports by his brother, Morris. Thanks to being constantly challenged by his athletic brother, Shoresy eventually became a hockey player himself. However, he also inculcated an intense dislike toward losing, having spent much of his childhood losing to Morris.

Who is Waffles?

Another quirky detail that the family reunion reveals about Shoresy is his fondness for all manner of sugary treats as a kid. As chants of “Waffles” erupt around the room, Shoresy’s father recounts how the young titular character would eat entire boxes of them as a child. Understandably, Shoresy put on quite a bit of weight when he was a child, which is also why he kept losing to Morris at sports.

Thus, Waffles is Shoresy’s nic name which his family still seems to use. It is a far cry from the foul-mouthed, hockey brawling version of the titular character that we have seen so far and represents another, more innocent version of Shoresy.

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