Watch New Trailer for Will Smith & Tom Holland’s ‘Spies in Disguise’

Disney has released a new official trailer for the upcoming animated espionage adventure flick ‘Spies in Disguise’ from Fox Animation. The movie features a voice cast led by Will Smith and Tom Holland. Based on 2009 animated short ‘Pigeon: Impossible,’ the film follows the super spy Lance Sterling (Smith) and his nerdist gadget guru Walter Becket (Holland) as well as the hilarious chain of events that follows an “accidental” body-swapping experiment.

The 2-minute 33-second trailer introduces Lance Sterling as a suave super spy in the vein of James Bond. On the other hand, Walter Becket is a socially awkward gadget geek who supplies Sterling with awesome tools on his dangerous missions. Though both men are polar opposites to each other, together, they form a deadly combo of genius and style.

The clip also gives a glimpse of a mishap in Becket’s lab that turns their life upside down. In the midst of a body-swapping experiment, Sterling drinks a weird potion prepared by Becket and turns into a pigeon! With one the deadliest missions in their career are in the offing, Sterling and Becket have to rely on each other to save the world and bring back Sterling to human form.

Ben Mendelsohn, Karen Gillan, Rashida Jones, Masi Oka, and DJ Khaled round out the cast. The movie is co-directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane in their feature directorial debuts from a screenplay by Brad Copeland. Both Nick and Quane are seasoned animators with popular titles to their credit. Nick previously worked on ‘Epic’ and ‘The Peanuts Movie,’ while Quane is known for ‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ and ‘Ferdinand.’ ‘Spies in Disguise’ is a Fox Animation production, in association with Blue Sky Studios and Chernin Entertainment. The film is produced by Michael J. Travers.

Martell’s animated short picked up a significant fan following soon after it surfaced on YouTube in 2009. Described as “really just an excuse to learn 3D animation,” the short was eventually optioned by Fox. ‘Spies in Disguise’ also joins the league of feature films developed from animated shorts. Recently, Illumination Entertainment locked a first-look deal with Korea’s Mofac Alfred after their animated short ‘Johnny Express’ went on to a viral sensation on social media platforms.

Though the trailer evokes memories of iconic combination scenes between James Bond and his gadget wizard Q, Will Smith and Tom Holland reinvent a buddy-comedy bromance in ‘Spies in Disguise.’ The long-awaited flick hits theaters on December 25, 2019.

Check out the second trailer for ‘Spies in Disguise’ below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Fox