Wednesday’s Visions Explained

Based on the characters created by American cartoonist Charles Addams, Netflix’s coming-of-age fantasy series ‘Wednesday’ revolves around the titular character, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega). After going through eight schools in five years, Wednesday enrolls at Nevermore Academy, the boarding school for outcasts like her. In this rendition of the ‘Addams Family,’ humanity is split into two subspecies. The outcasts, like Wednesday, have special abilities, whereas normies are regular people.

There are numerous types of outcasts in the world — from werewolves to vampires to sirens to gorgons to shapeshifters. Wednesday, like her mother Morticia, is a psychic. Throughout the season, she has multiple visions about the past and the future, which guide her as she tries to solve two mysteries — the first involves a homicidal monster, and the second consists of a prophecy that claims that she will destroy Nevermore. Here is everything you need to know about Wednesday’s visions. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Do Wednesday Visions Mean?

According to what Wednesday tells Xavier, a fellow student at Nevermore, her visions began about a year before she came to Nevermore. Xavier, whose father is a world-famous psychic, warns Wednesday of how unreliable and dangerous the visions can be, echoing what Principal Weems told her earlier. Weems was Morticia’s roommate at Nevermore. She was there when the other woman began manifesting her powers.

Wednesday doesn’t yet have any control over her visions. She has them when she bumps into or touches an object or person of importance. In episode 1, while trying to escape from her therapist’s office in Jericho, Wednesday bumps into a fruit seller, triggering a vision in which she sees the man dying horribly in a vehicular accident. As she and Weems return to Nevermore, they drive past a wreckage, and Wednesday realizes this is what she saw in her vision and correctly describes to Weems what happened to the man. As we learn later, this gives Weems a clue about Wednesday’s powers.

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Her second vision of the episode is triggered when she runs into Rowan. She sees a book, a raven, a burning tree, and Rowan covered in blood and screaming. Wednesday runs after Rowan, but he suddenly uses his telekinetic power on her. He claims that his mother was a seer who drew a picture 25 years ago of Wednesday and told him it was his destiny to stop the girl in the picture. Just as Rowan is about to kill Wednesday, the monster lurking in the woods appears and kills Rowan.

In episode 2, Wednesday spots the image of a skull at the top corner of Rowan’s mother’s sketch. This leads to the discovery of the secret society called the Nightshades. In their library, she finds the diary the sketch belongs to and later realizes that she has only half of the sketch. The other half has the image of a pilgrim, who she later discovers is Joseph Crackstone, the founder of the town of Jericho, the nearest human settlement to Nevermore.

In episode 3, while visiting Jericho for the Outreach Day, Wednesday has a vivid and prolonged vision during which she witnesses what transpired between Crackstone and one of her paternal ancestors, Goody Addams. Crackstone burned several outcasts, including Goody’s mother, but Goody herself managed to escape. She would later exact her revenge on Crackstone and cause his demise.

In episode 4, the town normies crash Rave’N dance and re-enact the prom scene from ‘Carrie,’ only with paint and not pig’s blood. Wednesday accidentally bumps into someone and sees her friend Eugene Otinger being attacked from the attacker’s point of view. From what we know, this turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The person she bumps into is likely Tyler, who is later revealed to be the Hyde, the monster behind the attacks.

For all her maturity, Wednesday is still a teenager and believes that her parents are trying to manipulate all aspects of her life. This is why she doesn’t reach out to her mother when she started having visions.

In episode 5, as Wednesday tries to exonerate her father from the murder charges, her relationship with her mother also gets better, and Morticia reveals that she knows about Wednesday’s visions. According to her, a person’s visions are governed by who they are as a person. Despite her interest in the macabre, Morticia is a positive person, and her visions reflect that, making her a Dove. In contrast, Wednesday is a Raven. Her visions are more powerful and potent but can also lead to madness. When Morticia explains that the dead are teachers of a psychic, Wednesday admits that Goody has reached out to her.

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After this, Wednesday’s visions become somewhat more coherent as Goody herself appears before her, trying to guide her to the home of the boy Wednesday’s father was accused of killing.

In the penultimate episode of the season, she has a vision in which she learns Tyler is the Hyde, making her realize that she was wrong when she concluded that Xavier was the Hyde. It’s ironic how she drew wrong conclusions because of her visions, and yet those same visions eventually set her on the correct path.

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