Wellingtons on Shark Tank: Here’s the Latest Update on Them

‘Shark Tank’ Season 15 episode 3 beholds entrepreneurs Anastasia and Arya Alexander, who seek a remarkable investment to alter the course of their business. Having co-founded Wellingtons in 2020, the duo present the operational success of their food brand. The company offers a salivating concoction of beef, pastry, and flavors, making it impossible for consumers to resist. Having turned beef wellingtons into an everyday indulgence, the couple now hope to scale their company’s success. Naturally, the brand’s growth has made fans eager to learn more about the company and its current whereabouts. So, if you also want to know more about their growth and progress, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here! 

Wellingtons: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Wellingtons LA began in the kitchen of Arya and Anastasia Alexander on a fateful night during the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple, who were engaged to be married at the time, were looking for something interesting to eat for dinner. However, riddled with the paradox of choice, the couple couldn’t decide what to whip up that particular night. Much to their surprise, their growling stomachs quickly gave way to a recipe that would cater to more than just their hunger. The couple landed on Beef Wellington and realized the unending possibility it offered.

Over the course of three months, they embarked on a journey to create a unique version of the classic dish. From experimenting with new spices and herbs to serving their latest fusion to friends and family every week, the couple co-created a remarkable culinary experience. For a while, Arya and Anastasia operated in their kitchen and delivered Beef Wellingtons to a numbered few. However, it wasn’t long before their culinary creation grew in demand. With a generous addition of meat that’s perched in an enclosed layer of flaky and crispy puff pastry baked to perfection, the couple’s Wellingtons soon became a sensation.

Before long, the duo moved into a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles and started working on the marketing and reach of their product. The couple also began experimenting with different kinds of fillings and creating different versions of meat inside a flaky puff pastry. Some of their later additions included chicken pot pie layered in Salmon Wellys. Arya and Anastasia didn’t just grow their business and add a variety of options for consumers but also decided to tie the knot in June 2022. 

Wellingtons: Where Are They Now?

Eludicating the vivacity of flavor and creating a finger-licking combination of flour, beef and spices, Wellingtons has continued to map the road to progress under the leadership of Arya and Anastasia Alexander. The company’s unique blend of ingredients earned equal renown on ‘Shark Tank.’ Since its appearance, the food brand has accumulated significant media visibility that has further propelled its operations to new heights. With an array of choices that taste better than the previous, consumers can now avail of their products through pickup in Los Angeles and nationwide delivery.

The company’s products are available on GOLDBELLY for consumers who wish to try the mouth-watering indulgence and are based outside Los Angeles. The duo has also partnered with DoorDash, Uber Eats, Pink Dot and LOCALE Market for consumers who want Wellingtons shipped directly to their doors. Besides multiplying its consumer base, the company has even earned far and wide recognition. Most recently, their products have been featured on QVC, with renowned host David Venable displaying the irresistible taste of Arya and Anastasia’s culinary marvel. During the ‘In the Kitchen with David’ segment, Anastasia managed to sell out the brand’s XL Beef Wellington in a matter of four minutes.

Not just this, the brand has also appeared on ‘American Idol’ and a segment of the ‘KTLA 5 Morning News.’ Their ready-to-bake goods include the Personal Classic Beef Wellington, priced at USD 35.00. For people who wish to have a full gourmet experience from the comfort of their homes, they can avail of the Large or the XL Beef Wellington, priced at $90.00 and $180.00, respectively. In addition to this, consumers can also find bite-sized snacks and wellingtons in smaller portions. The latest addition to their inventory includes the Cheeseburger Beef Wellington, Breakfast Wellington, Cheeseburger Welly Bites, Buffalo Chicken Welly Bites, and Nutellington with Nutella. All of these products can be found on their website for under USD 20.

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