Wendy Raquel Robinson to Direct ‘Operation: Aunties’ Next

Ahead of the completion of her directorial debut, Wendy Raquel Robinson has already locked her second feature as a filmmaker! The actress-director will helm the upcoming thriller ‘Operation: Aunties.’ The movie’s filming will start in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 12 and wrap up by August 31. Wendy directs the film based on a screenplay by TJ Ali.

The movie is an action affair with elements of sex trafficking and women’s empowerment. The plot centers on Dr. Carol Cleavers, a professor and blockchain expert who finds herself trapped in a web of conspiracies. After witnessing a kidnapping, Carol uncovers a dark web operation that uses a recently developed technology to kidnap and sexually assault women in the shadow of a ride-sharing application. Realizing law enforcement is failing to see through the seriousness of the circumstances and will not act swiftly enough, Carol teams up with her best friend, retired detective Sharon O’Hara, to take matters into their own hands. Together, they embark on a vigilante mission to take down the conspiracy and the vicious offenders behind it.

Wendy, best known for her iconic performances in the long-running television shows ‘The Game’ and ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ is currently directing ‘Who’s Cheating Who?’ Her transition from in front of the camera to behind it is highly anticipated and could solidify her place as a prominent filmmaker. Furthermore, Wendy’s off-screen ventures and activism add a layer of personal significance to her involvement in ‘Operation: Aunties,’ aligning with the themes of empowerment and resilience.

Wendy most recently appeared in Paramount+’s eponymous revival series of ‘The Game,’ in which she reprised her original character Tasha Mack. In Netflix’s comedy-drama series ‘Family Reunion,’ the actress portrayed Joyce. Her other prominent credits include Lila in Issa Rae’s HBO series ‘Insecure,’ Lauretta Bozer in ‘MacGyver,’ and Tina White in ‘Dear White People.’

The project marks TJ Ali’s feature film debut. The screenwriter wrote the movie based on his own award-winning short film, ‘The Lifted.’ The 2022 short, directed by Shayla Racquel, is based on two best friends’ heroic attempts to save a young woman they believe to be in danger. Markina Brown and Giselle Gant appear as the lifelong friends Carol and Sharon. ‘The Lifted’ was met with positive reviews and won the John Singleton Embrace Award at the Pan African Film Festival, which was also attended by Wendy. It also received 8 nominations at the Micheaux Film Festival, winning Best Comedic Short.

Ali’s other credits include short films such as ‘An American Boy’ and ‘The Way: Masks,’ which deal with subjects such as violence against women and sexuality. The collaboration with Robinson marks a significant milestone for Ali, as it brings him to the biggest platform where he can display his efficiency in crafting compelling and socially relevant narratives.


Atlanta, Georgia’s capital city, has long surpassed other nearby filming locations in terms of the productions shooting in the region. The city is currently hosting the lensing of Josh Brolin’s ‘Weapons‘ and the second season of DC Universe’s ‘Peacemaker.’ The tight filming schedule of ‘Operation: Aunties’ signals efficient production, likely progressing towards a timely launch, catering to the current demand for socially aware thrillers.

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