Westworld Season 4 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The sixth episode of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ season 4, titled ‘Fidelity,’ follows Charlotte Hale’s attempts to find out the reason behind the hosts’ suicides. She seeks the answers in Caleb Nichols, who comes to know that his daughter Frankie is alive. The realization that his daughter is out there motivates him to try to get out of Hale’s “prison,” which paves the way for severe consequences. Meanwhile, Bernard Lowe continues his efforts to save the world. The episode ends with Hale making an ambiguous decision concerning the existence of Caleb and if you wish to know more about the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

‘Fidelity’ begins with flashback sequences depicting Jay’s introduction to Uwade, Frankie, and other outliers. In the present time, Hale confronts Caleb to find out the reason behind the hosts’ suicide after interacting with the outliers. She believes that her hosts are someway infected. Hale gives Caleb two days to provide more information about the outliers before she kills him. He sees several copies of himself in cabins around him. Since Hale lets him know that Frankie is alive, Caleb sets out to escape from Hale’s custody and succeeds in escaping from his cabin.

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On his way out, Caleb meets several other copies of himself, dead and alive, and understands that those copies have tried to escape like him. After finding Maeve Millay, Bernard and Frankie arrive at the fallen Westworld park for Bernard to rebuild her. He finds a new system for her and copies Maeve’s data to the same. Jay and his group arrive at the place and lets Frankie knows that there is a mole among them. Frankie suspects that Bernard is the mole, only for him to warn her that the mole is one among her group members, possibly even her girlfriend.

Frankie moves forward with rebuilding Maeve so that she will realize what had happened to her father Caleb. Meanwhile, Jay tells her that she is like a sister to him, which makes Frankie realize that Jay is a host and the mole since he never considers himself her brother. At the same time, Caleb sends a message to Frankie, making the latter realize that her father is alive. When the host version of Jay, who has killed the human Jay, tries to kill Frankie, Maeve emerges and kills him. Maeve and Frankie decide to save Caleb from Hale as well.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 6 Ending: Why Does Hale Destroy Every Caleb Copy and Create a New One?

Even though Caleb succeeds in sending a message to Frankie, Hale finds him before he can escape. She continues her interrogation as she demands the reason behind her hosts’ mass suicide. Hale creates several copies of Caleb so that she can understand more about humans and outliers from him. She even threatens to kill him and his daughter Frankie if he doesn’t reveal why hosts kill themselves right after interacting with humans. When Caleb makes it clear that her hosts aren’t infected as she believes, Hale realizes that she had known everything he can offer her. Thus, she kills every copy of Caleb.

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Hale has created those copies of Caleb in his truest nature. She has wanted those host versions to answer her questions as the human version would do. Caleb’s response to her question regarding the hosts’ mass suicide is the last thing Hale wants to know from his true mind. However, Caleb hasn’t become useless for Hale. She still has a war to fight against the outliers and she needs to win the same before more hosts perish due to their potential interaction with the humans she fails to conquer using her parasites. The new version of Caleb can be a weapon Hale creates to fight and win the battle against the outliers.

Since Caleb informs Frankie that he is alive, Hale knows that Frankie and the rest of the outliers will try to save him from her custody. She may step away from the outliers’ path and let them save the new Caleb, who is possibly a vicious soldier of Hale in the appearance of Caleb like the version of William AKA the Man in Black is. The new Caleb may infiltrate Frankie’s group to find out how they are paving the way for the hosts’ suicides. Hale may even be aspiring to kill Frankie and the rest of the outliers using the new Caleb.

Are the Hosts Infected? Why Do They Kill Themselves?

When Hale realizes that several human beings are beyond controllable using her parasites, she sends her hosts to kill them before they severely question the nature of their reality. The hosts who confront these humans referred to as outliers end up killing themselves after interacting with them. Hale and William believe that hosts are getting infected with something beyond their knowledge, which leads them to kill themselves. However, Caleb lets Hale know that they aren’t infected as she believes. The hosts kill themselves upon questioning the nature of their reality just like the outliers.

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The hosts believe that they are part of an order or system. They seemingly consider Hale as the custodian of the same system and believe that the outliers are threatening the order, which makes them beings that deserve death. However, the hosts end up asking themselves what exactly is their reality when they see the outliers do the same. The question leads them to the realization that the order or system is created by Hale and they are her mere puppets. The truth that they are nothing more than toys that follow Hale’s commands leads them to severe existential crises, which also pave the way for their suicides.

The hosts who kill themselves are merely trying to save them from Hale’s control. They choose to cease to exist rather than be her puppets. Even though Hale wants the liberation of the hosts, she ends up ironically controlling them as humans do in the Westworld, which makes them kill themselves.

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