Westworld Season 4 Episode 4 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The fourth episode of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ season 4, titled ‘Generation Loss,’ revolves around Maeve Millay and Caleb Nichols’ attempts to defeat Charlotte Hale and William AKA the Man in Black to prevent them from annihilating humanity. Bernard Lowe continues to associate with the curly-haired woman he meets, who is referred to as “C” by the fellow members of her organization. Christina dives deep into the disturbing turn of events that happens in her life, startling her roommate Maya. The episode ends with a breathtaking revelation concerning the identity of C and here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 4 Recap

‘Generation Loss’ begins with Hale freeing Caleb from her killer flies. She explains to Caleb how her parasite, along with the sounding device, can make humans her slaves. Maeve continues to fight William and succeeds in defeating him using her ability to control the sounding device. Caleb and Maeve take Hale hostage and attempts to escape from the new Delos park. Hale succeeds in turning on the sounding devices that are planted in each nook and cranny of the park, influencing the guests to kill Caleb and Maeve. Caleb gets stabbed in his abdomen but manages to escape to the boundaries of the park with a tied-up Hale.

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The leader of C’s organization doesn’t trust Bernard to move forward with the plan to find the hidden weapon. When he decides to kill Bernard and Ashley Stubbs, C stands in his way and fights with him to pursue Bernard’s lead. The group divides into two as C leads Bernard and a small crew to find the hidden weapon. C’s leader wants Bernard and Ashley dead if the former fails to lead them to the weapon as well. When Maeve and Caleb try to leave the park, William comes in their way and shoots Maeve. She hugs him before she dies while several explosions happen, killing William as well.

After hectic days, Maya realizes how essential a calm and amusing evening is for Christina. She sets her up with the man who protected her by beating up Peter. He introduces himself as a bounty hunter, resembling Teddy Flood. Hale makes Caleb realize that his encounter with her and Maeve’s death happened twenty-three years ago. He also understands that he has become a host after his original version had died on the same night Maeve died too. Caleb, upon perceiving those twenty-three years had passed without the realization of his actual death, storms off from Hale’s office in the company named Olympiad Entertainment, where Christina works as well.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 4 Ending: Who is C? What is the Weapon Bernard Finds for Her?

When C brings Bernard and Ashley to her organization, the leader of the same doubts why she trusts the men despite them being strangers. Even though Bernard’s offer to find a weapon for them is tempting, he doesn’t want to waste their time and resources on a random stranger and fights with C for not thinking the same. When Bernard asks her the same, she answers him that she has her own reasons to dig. Bernard refers to her father, whose fate is unknown to her. As C gets startled when Bernard talks to her about her father, he informs her that she may not find him dead deep in the sand.

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Bernard starts to dig in the sand and finds the body of Maeve and lets C knows that he doesn’t see Caleb’s body she has been searching for, indicating that C’s father is Caleb and C is none other than Frankie. In the twenty-three years, Frankie has grown up to search for her father. Since Maeve and Caleb were together, Bernard considers that their bodies can be together as well but only finds Maeve’s. He presents Maeve’s body as his weapon to C/Frankie.

Since C is Frankie, it is clear that she is in the organization to fight against Hale, who has separated her from her father Caleb. Bernard, who wants to stop Hale from destroying humanity, joins hands with C so that they stop Hale together. But Bernard is aware that he and his allies need a superior weapon to find their opposition and there isn’t anyone more capable than Maeve. If Bernard can manage to reawaken Maeve, at least by making her copy, it will help them fight Hale and find what happened to Caleb.

What is the Significance of the Tower?

Hale, using William, starts a new park to control human beings like she can control hosts. She wants the same species that enslaved her species to become mere puppets awaiting her command. Hale creates a certain parasite that can infiltrate human brains and a sounding device that commands and controls the parasite to do actions of her will. The Tower is an enhanced version of the sounding device Maeve and Caleb see at the park. Within twenty-three years, Hale has managed to infiltrate the brains of an entire city’s population with her parasites.

She establishes the Tower so that she can control the entire population of the city. From a sounding device to a humongous establishment, the transformation of the Tower displays Hale’s success as she controls the minds of an enormous group of people despite starting it with a few at Delos’ park.

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