Is Teddy Flood Alive? Did James Marsden Return to Westworld?

James Marsden’s Theodore “Teddy” Flood is one of the principal characters of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld.’ As Dolores Abernathy’s lover, Teddy becomes a part of her fight against the humans along with other Hosts. In the second season, Dolores’ ambition leads her to alter Teddy’s personality, which paves the way for his death. However, the premiere episode of the show’s fourth season features a character that highly resembles Teddy, protecting Christina from Peter, who resembles Dolores. Naturally, admirers of the character must be eager to know whether the man is Teddy. So, is Teddy really alive? Did James Marsden return to the show? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Teddy Alive?

In the second season, Dolores fights the human species for the Hosts. She changes the programming of Teddy to turn him into a killer to aid the Hosts’ uprising. However, Teddy comes to know about the same and realizes how he cannot exist as a barbarian like his lover wants him to be. The realization leads him to kill himself, in front of Dolores. After the death, Dolores transfers Teddy’s soul to the Sublime. Although Teddy and the anonymous man in the fourth season share the same appearance, it is unlikely that Dolores’ dead lover is the latter.

Having said that, “death” is more of an idea in the universe of ‘Westworld’ than a reality. The anonymous man can be Teddy’s copy like the host version of Charlotte Hale is a copy of Dolores. If that’s the case, despite his death, Teddy exists through the man. If he is not Teddy’s copy, the man can be an entirely different individual like Christina is different from Dolores. He may not have any direct connection with Teddy, whose soul is stored in the Sublime. Since Bernard, who possesses a key to enter the Sublime, doesn’t have any reason to recreate Teddy, it is unlikely that Teddy’s original version is alive.

Another possibility is that Teddy is really dead and the anonymous man, possibly a host, is the inspiration behind the former’s appearance. Even though the possibility explains the resemblance, we may need to wait for a while to know the exact relationship between the man and Teddy. Since the anonymous man resembles James Marsden’s Teddy, fans may want to confirm whether the actor had returned to the show. Let us share the answer.

Did James Marsden Return to Westworld?

Yes, James Marsden did return to ‘Westworld.’ Even though his character remains ambiguous, the actor is expected to be a pivotal part of the fourth season. “Sometimes you have to go away to come back,” Marsden said about returning to the show, via Deadline. “We learn to speak cryptically on this show. This has been 7 years of our show and yeah, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of and see where the story goes. From the beginning, I didn’t know where it was all gonna go but I’m glad to see it now,” the actor added.

Although creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have been tight-lipped about Marsden’s character, one certain thing is that the anonymous man will date Evan Rachel Wood’s Christina, reminding us of Dolores and Teddy’s romance. Since the symbol of Westworld’s maze appears in Christina’s apartment, it is sure that she is connected with the park. If Christina and Marsden’s anonymous man get together, we can expect them to find out their possible connection with Dolores and Teddy respectively.

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