When Does Westworld Season 4 Take Place? What’s the Time Jump?

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The fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ depicts the aftermath of the erasure of Rehoboam. Maeve Millay starts to live in a small cabin off the grid while Caleb Nichols starts a new family life with partner Uwade and daughter Frankie. The season also follows Christina, a game writer, living in a highly advanced city. After the presumed death of the human William AKA Man in Black, his host version becomes a threat to Maeve and Caleb. Since the season premiere begins in an unspecified year, the viewers may want to be clear about the fourth round’s timeline. Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Does Westworld Season 4 Take Place? Is There a Time Jump Between Season 3 and Season 4?

The third season of ‘Westworld’ primarily takes place in 2058 in Los Angeles, California. Maeve and Caleb erase Rehoboam in the same in the third season finale. In the fourth season premiere, Maeve and Caleb reveal that it has been seven years since the erasure of Rehoboam, indicating the time jump between the third and fourth seasons. Considering the time jump, ‘Westworld’ season 4 takes place in 2065. However, a linear timeline is the last thing we can expect in the dystopian show.

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Even though Maeve and Caleb’s words indicate that their storyline happens in 2065, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the storylines are happening at the same time. In the season third finale, Bernard Lowe enters the Sublime in 2058 and comes out of the same in an unspecified year. When he returns to his original timeline, we see him covered in dust, indicating the occurrence of an apocalyptic event. It is not yet revealed whether Bernard’s storyline does happen in the same timeline as Christina’s.

According to co-creator Lisa Joy, the time jump is bringing significant changes to Maeve and Caleb’s lives. “We last saw Maeve and Caleb ready to kick some ass, [with] the whole city exploding as they dismantled Rehoboam. And then when we find them, it’s seven years later. Each of them have gone on with their lives — their own way — and the world has been freed by sweet dead Dolores,” the co-creator told the press while attending ATX TV Festival. “And the question is: Are the hosts still around somewhere? Can they find a new place in this world? Can hosts and humans interact peacefully?” Joy added.

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

The questions Joy raises can be connected to the time jump as well. In the third season finale, in an undetermined year in the future, the host version of Charlotte Hale seemingly kills William using his host version. It is also revealed that Hale is running a facility that creates an enormous number of hosts. The seven years may include the time Hale has wanted to create the hosts seemingly for an army. She can be preparing for an influential battle between her hosts and the humans after a long wait, which will likely determine the nature of the two species’ cohabitation.

While the third season is primarily set in 2058’s Los Angeles, the fourth season mainly happens in the futuristic version of New York City in 2065, where Christina’s storyline takes place. Like the previous seasons, we can also expect the fourth round to be set in international localities.

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