Will Bernard Die in Westworld Season 4? Theories

The third season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ depicts Dolores Abernathy’s attempts to save humanity from Engerraund Serac and his AI system Rehoboam. Even though Serac tries his best to extract the key to the Sublime from Dolores, he fails since she has given the same to Bernard Lowe. In the third season finale, Bernard enters the Sublime. The third episode of season 4 depicts Bernard exploring several alternative versions of the future to find out a way to save humanity from extinction. Since Bernard reveals the possibility of him dying, the viewers must be curious whether the character will meet his life’s end in the season. Let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Bernard Die?

After entering the Sublime, Bernard witnesses a chaotic world. He sees trees, streets, and buildings in fire, which symbolizes annihilation and doom. He enters the mysterious Tower and meets Akecheta, who reveals that the future exists in several versions. With the help of Akecheta, Bernard explores each version of the future to know whether the world can be saved. He finds out that there is a way, however, only for him to realize that the specific version threatens his own life. When Akecheta asks Bernard what happens to him in it, he replies that in every possible scenario, he dies.

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Bernard’s consciousness returns to the real world from the Sublime and he sets out to save the world. He tells Ashley Stubbs that they need to make certain things happen for the particular version of the future to materialize for the world to get saved. Since Bernard unflinchingly moves forward with his mission to save the world, attempting to trigger the particular version of the future in which he dies, he most likely will end up dead. He confirms to Akecheta that there isn’t a scenario in which he survives if the particular version of the future is triggered.

However, Bernard doesn’t reveal how he will die. Since he is set out to save the world, he has to battle the ambitions and force of the host version of Charlotte Hale as she makes progress in her mission to annihilate humanity. If Bernard battles Hale and dies due to her, Hale may create his copy to include him in her Host army. Hale relishes turning her enemies into her soldiers by making their copies, which range from William aka the Man in Black to Clementine Pennyfeather. If that’s the case, even though Bernard’s original version may die, we can expect a copy version under Hale’s control.

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

If Hale will not create Bernard’s copy, we may see him sacrificing himself for the sake of humanity’s survival, following in the footsteps of Dolores. Bernard chooses to prioritize saving the world even after knowing about his death, which shows how much of a concern the latter is for him. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Bernard’s death is the last piece of the puzzle that is the world’s survival. Like Dolores’ death in the third season finale, we may see Bernard’s death in the fourth season finale, his death likely significantly connected to the fate of the human species.

Bernard has the liberty to choose his life over death by returning to the Sublime. But he has always prioritized the survival of the world over his own life. In addition, there isn’t anything that keeps Bernard connected to the world. He wraps up his relationship with Lauren Weber and the deceased Charlie Weber upon knowing that they are the real wife and son of Arnold Weber respectively. Thus, Bernard may not hesitate to choose death over the survival of the world.

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