Westworld Season 4 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The third episode of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ season 4, titled ‘Annees Folles,’ revolves around Bernard Lowe and his journey to the Sublime. After entering the heaven-like world, Bernard realizes that he has a mission to fulfill. The realization leads him to a new group of people, ambiguously connected to the Westworld. After arriving at Delos’s new amusement park, Maeve Millay and Caleb Nichols attempt to find William AKA the Man in Black, who has been threatening their life. Since the episode ends on a cliffhanger, the viewers must be intrigued about the same. Let us share our take on the ending here! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 3 Recap

Using the key Dolores left behind before her death, Bernard enters the Sublime. He goes through several alternative versions of the future to find out which one is suitable for the survival of the world. He meets Akecheta, who asks him what he had saw, only for Bernard to reply that he dies in each version. Even though Akecheta invites him to stay behind in the Sublime, Bernard returns to the real world to save it from the possible apocalypse. He lets his companion Ashley Stubbs know that he found a way to save the world but he needs to let certain things happen for the same.

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Bernard and Ashley meet an unnamed curly-haired woman. The former shows her the symbol of Westworld’s maze and asks to take them to her group upon convincing her that they are not threats. The woman takes them to an unrevealed location in the middle of a desert, protected by lasers. When the group leader questions Bernard’s intentions, the latter reveals that he will help them find the weapon that is hidden in the sands. Carver, following Caleb’s instructions, helps Uwade and Frankie move from their apartment. However, the real Carver gets killed and a host version tries to kill Caleb’s family. Still, Uwade and Frankie manage to escape from him.

Upon arriving at the new amusement park, Maeve informs Caleb that the storylines and characters are the same. They get into an administration building but Maeve quickly realizes that it is part of the new park’s narrative. Still, they manage to get into an unauthorized section of the building where the duo witnesses several hosts researching what looks like parasites. Maeve and Caleb also come across a device that emanates a particularly disturbing and consequential sound. Caleb sees his daughter Frankie in one of the cabins with a gun in hand.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 3 Ending: Will Caleb and Maeve Die?

When Caleb sees Frankie in one of the cabins in Delos’ new park, with a gun in hand, he asks Maeve whether she is a host. Maeve answers that she doesn’t think that the people she sees in the cabins are hosts. Caleb rushes to save his daughter, only to realize that she is just a robot. The parts of the robot’s face get separated and a swarm of flies attack Caleb. Maeve, on the other hand, fights William’s host version. Even though she tries his best to overpower him, Charlotte Hale’s creation finds a way to fight back against Maeve.

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Since Maeve is fighting William, it is unlikely that she will be able to help Caleb. Since his cabin also gets locked, Maeve may not be able to open the same while dealing with William. In addition, a swarm of killer flies isn’t a threat she can easily annihilate to save her companion. Thus, Caleb is likely to die. However, considering the examples of Clementine Pennyfeather and the Vice President, Hale may create a host version of Caleb after killing him. She may want the very person who saved the human species by destroying Rehoboam to ensure the extinction of the same species as a host.

If Hale wants to see Maeve’s death, William may not have fought her instead of shooting her down as he does with Clementine. Thus, Hale may have a plan regarding Maeve and must be trying to capture her instead of killing her. She may want Maeve, one of the most supreme hosts that remains in the world, to fight for her and she may even try to convince her to do the same. If that’s the case, Maeve may not get killed for now.

What is the Sound and Sounding Device? Can it Control Humans?

After entering the complex, Maeve and Caleb witness a device that emanates an unrecognizable sound. On a screen in the same room, they witness several individuals killing themselves after listening to the sound emanated by the device. Caleb suspects that the individuals are hosts, only for Maeve to tell him that she doesn’t think they are hosts, indicating that the individuals are humans. Even though her belief is proven wrong when Frankie gets revealed as a robot, the sound is indeed conceived to control individuals to kill themselves.

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Since the section is under the control of Hale, it is possible that the individuals are humans and they are controlled by the sound to kill themselves. The device can be her new creation to ensure the extinction of the human species. Even if the individuals are hosts, Caleb and Maeve must be witnessing the trial stage of the device that’s aimed to kill humans. Hale and William may use it to kill the influential guests of Delos’ new park so that she can create their host versions to infiltrate powerful organizations. Since William killing each and everyone is not plausible, Hale must have created the sound to ensure mass deaths.

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