Will Christina Die in Westworld Season 4? Theories

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The fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ introduces Christina, a video game writer working at a company named Olympiad Entertainment. She encounters a man named Peter, who lets her know that his life is progressing as per a storyline she has written for a game. Christina, through Teddy, realizes that her city and the people living in the same aren’t ordinary. As she succeeds in controlling the actions of individuals around her, she starts to “question the nature of her reality.” As she does the same, Emmett, her boss at Olympiad Entertainment lets her know that questioning the nature of her reality can have life-threatening consequences. So, will Christina die? Let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Christina Die?

The meeting with Teddy and his revelation that she can influence the actions of people around her startles Christina. After the meeting, she meets Charlotte Hale, who is apparently her college friend. Hale pries into Christina’s life and makes her uncomfortable. When Christina hesitates to talk, Hale intimidates her by saying that she has her own way of making people talk. Christina realizes that there is more to Hale than she knows, which leads her to search for her name in her company database. The game writer also searches Dolores Abernathy in the system, which alarms Emmett.

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Christina having the same appearance as Dolores and being a college friend of Hale most likely mean that she is another version of the dead Dolores as Hale is. She being aware of Dolores’ life in the Westworld indicates that she will most likely end up knowing that she is a host. Since Christina is already breaching the “Walled Garden,” the pseudo-reality Hale creates where people aren’t aware of being controlled by her, Emmett warns her that the consequence of the same can be her death. Considering that Hale is killing the outliers, Emmett is not baselessly scaring Christina.

Since Hale is decaying, she may consider transferring her consciousness to Christina’s body, which may end up killing the latter’s consciousness. As a distinct version of Dolores, Hale must be wishing to return to her original appearance, which explains Christina and Dolores’ same appearance. Using another version of Dolores, who possess the original appearance, to create the lives of people living in the city must be Hale’s way of honoring Dolores’ potency. At the right time, she may want to occupy Christina’s body and rule the world as Dolores in her original appearance.

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Thus, Christina’s life is really under threat. However, with Teddy on her side, she may not get killed. Teddy follows Christina as a silent guardian and protects her from any threat. Leading her to the true reality of her world can be Teddy’s way of making Christina aware of the dangers in front of her. Even though Teddy Flood fails to save himself and his lover Dolores from tragic ends, as a possible new version of the former, Teddy may do better than his original version and save Christina, a possible variant of Dolores. In addition, Bernard, Maeve, and others may end up teaming up with Teddy and Christina to possibly kill Hale before she manages to kill Christina.

Ultimately, Christina may need to protect herself from death. If she really is a host, knowing that her entire life is a lie may lead her to despair. Furthermore, the likely realization that she and Hale are the same person may turn out to be an unbearable truth for her. If she starts to blame herself for creating a world of chaos and cruelty, she may even consider killing herself like several other hosts. Christina may need to accept the truth strongly to not succumb to despair, which can lead her to kill herself.

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