What Do Trent and Amber Johnston Do For a Living?

‘7 Little Johnstons’ is a reality series that follows the titular family of seven members, all of whom live with dwarfism. The family is headed by husband-wife Trent and Amber Johnston, who have two biological children, Jonah and Elizabeth, and three adopted children, Anna, Alex, and Emma. We get to see the everyday aspects of the Johnston household as they navigate various challenges of life. Even though Trent and Amber are now reality stars, they still maintain a normal lifestyle and continue to hold day jobs. If you are wondering what Trent and Amber do for a living, here is everything you need to know!

What do Trent and Amber Johnston do For a Living?

Since the show’s premiere, the Johnstons have shared almost every aspect of their personal lives with the audience. Some of the biggest moments in the family’s lives have come in front of the camera. As the seasons have progressed and the children have grown older, challenges have increased for Trent and Amber. The couple carefully manages every aspect of the children’s lives and has provided for them to the best of their abilities. After all, looking after five children is no easy task, especially in financial terms. With their kids currently at or swiftly approaching college age, we can only imagine tuition fees are a sizeable expense of the family’s balance sheet.

As seen in the show, the couple has always taught their kids to live within their means, but certain large expenses are still unforeseen or unavoidable. Even though the family members earn a sizeable sum from their television appearances, one has to wonder whether the sum is enough to cover the family’s expenses.

Therefore, it is understandable that Trent and Amber have continued to hold day jobs despite added income from the series. It is fair to say that appearing on the reality show is their secondary profession. As per TLC’s website, the family patriarch Trent works as grounds supervisor for a local college in Forsyth, Georgia. Trent is known for his handyman skills and often uses them to teach his kids self-reliance.

On the other hand, being a mother is a full-time job, but the caring and warm Amber manages to carve out some time to work as a real estate seller. She currently works for Washburn & Associates and has a spotless, 5-star rated profile on Zillow. Despite their commitments to the show and holding primary jobs, the Johnston family heads are also involved with various activities in their community.

Aside from the income from their jobs, the Johnstons receive 10% of the total budget for an episode for appearing on the series. The family currently resides in a house spread over an area of 3,660 square feet, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The property is valued at roughly $486,000. It is commendable how the couple has built a wonderful family life for themselves through sheer hard work and dedication.

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