What Does Bernard See in the Westworld’s Sublime, Explained

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The third season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ ends with Dolores Abernathy leaving the key to the Sublime with Bernard Lowe. Bernard enters the same, only to get stuck in the same for years. The third episode of the fourth season begins with Bernard exploring the Sublime to find out what Dolores had wanted him to see. He even meets Akecheta, who asks him to stay back at the Sublime. But Bernard has seen enough to return to the real world and sets out to save the world. If you are intrigued about Bernard’s visit, let us decode the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Does Bernard See in the Sublime, Explained

Dolores hands over the key to the Sublime to Bernard as she sets out to save humanity from Rehoboam and Engerraund Serac. Upon receiving the same, Bernard realizes that he holds the key to the past and future at the same time. Through the device he had received from Dolores’s ally, he begins his journey to the Sublime, only to witness chaos everywhere. Still confused, he walks into the “Tower” and encounters Akecheta, who informs him that each and everyone in the Sublime has their own world.

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

Bernard witnesses the chaos since he wants to know what is going to happen in the future to humanity. The burning tree in the Valley Beyond, burning streets, the bar in the Westworld that caught fire, and a large number of buildings that are burning down symbolize an impending doom. A journey through the Sublime makes Bernard also realizes that humanity is not outrightly saved by Dolores’ sacrifice. Meanwhile, Akecheta reminds him that everything he is seeing around is based on what he wants to see and adds that the place includes all the possible variations of the future for Bernard to go through.

With the help of Akecheta, Bernard goes through every possible variation of the future, one after the other. After going through these alternative versions, Bernard realizes that there’s only one way to save humanity and the real world. He needs to make sure that certain events happen for the world to slowly progress to the way he has seen in the Sublime. However, Bernard also finds out that he dies at the end of each scenario of the selected future. Still, he decides to return to the world and fight for the humans even after Akecheta invites him to stay back at the Sublime.

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

Since Bernard encounters the maze symbol several times in the Westworld, it is evident that it has a role to play in his attempts to save the world. The maze in the Westworld was created for the Hosts to attain consciousness and freedom. Bernard may use the same to liberate Charlotte Hale’s hosts so that she will not be able to use them for annihilating the human species. Considering that Hale is the only one who wants to see the extinction of the human species, Bernard’s efforts to save the world can only mean that he getting ready to fight against her.

The journey to the Sublime also leads Bernard to understand that he needs to let certain things happen for the present to change into a specific version of the future. The understanding leads him to an unnamed curly-haired woman, who takes Bernard and Ashley to an undisclosed location in a desert. Bernard may require the assistance of the group to make sure that whatever events that are necessary for him to save the world will materialize. In the upcoming episodes, we may see Bernard revealing the specific way he has seen in the Sublime to save the world.

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