What Happened to Stanford Blatch? Did Willie Garson Leave And Just Like That…?

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Portrayed by Willie Garson, Stanford Blatch is an important character in the ‘Sex and the City’ franchise. Stanford is Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) closest friend beyond the three women of her clique. It is indicated in the original series that Stanford and Carrie have been friends since the 1980s, when they used to frequent nightclubs in New York together. ‘Sex and the City’ was made in an era when Hollywood producers were largely tentative about depicting anything beyond heterosexual relationships. Despite this, Stanford is the only character in the show beyond the four protagonists to receive his own storyline. He also appears in the two sequel films, ‘Sex and the City’ (2008) and ‘Sex and the City 2’ (2010). In ‘And Just Like That…,’ he only appears in the first three episodes. If you are wondering what really happened, this is what you need to know.

What Happened to Stanford Blatch?

As mentioned above, before ‘And Just Like That…,’ Stanford is the only supporting character with a storyline of his own. At the end of the original series, he is with Broadway dancer Marcus Adente. But in the 2008 film, he is alone again when he attends a New Year party, where he kisses Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone), his rival. In the 2010 film, they get married.

Image Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Stanford is initially part of the narrative in ‘And Just Like That…,’ serving as one of the important characters in the series. In episode 4, it is explained via a letter that Stanford has moved to Japan to work with his only client, a famous TikTok singer named Ashley, who is currently on tour in the aforementioned country. Anthony reveals that Stanford wants a divorce. In the season 2 premiere, Carrie receives a compliment on the kimono that Stanford sent her from Japan.

Did Willie Garson Leave And Just Like That…?

Actor Willie Garson, primarily known for ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘White Collar,’ passed away at age 57 on September 21, 2021, at his home in Los Angeles, California, after a short illness. According to his sister-in-law, Nina Tassler, he had pancreatic cancer. His adopted son, Nathan, took to Instagram to announce the news of his death. “I love you so much papa,” he wrote. “Rest In Peace and I’m so glad you got to share all your adventures with me and were able to accomplish so much. I’m so proud of you. I will always love you, but I think it’s time for you to go on an adventure of your own. You’ll always be with me. Love you more than you will ever know and I’m glad you can be at peace now. You always were the toughest and funniest and smartest person I’ve known. I’m glad you shared you’re [your] love with me. I’ll never forget it or lose it.”

Messages of grief and condolences subsequently poured in from Garson’s co-stars. “I couldn’t have had a more brilliant TV partner,” Cantone posted on the same platform. “I’m devastated and just overwhelmed with Sadness. Taken away from all of us way soon. You were a gift from the gods sweet Willie. Rest …I love you.”

While the other cast members expressed their grief about losing such a well-loved castmate, Parker, who had a close relationship with Garson on- and off-screen, reportedly stated on Instagram that she wasn’t ready to speak about it. Michael Patrick King, the executive producer of ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘And Just Like That..’ revealed in a statement that Garson was sick during the early production of the latter show but still gave his best.

“The Sex and the City family has lost one of its own,” the statement mentioned. “Our amazing Willie Garson. His spirit and his dedication to his craft was present every day filming And Just Like That. He was there — giving us his all — even while he was sick. His multitude of gifts as an actor and person will be missed by everyone.”

Garson was an advocate of the adoption community. Following his death, his family requested the fans to donate whatever they could to the Alliance for Children’s Rights in his honor. He was cremated, and his ashes were reportedly given to a longtime companion.

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