Will Miranda and Che Get Together in And Just Like That…?

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‘And Just Like That…’ throws Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) headfirst into the chaotic world of their mid-50s. As they come to terms with their age, make new friends, and encounter novel situations and problems, they slowly begin to understand why present-day society values rebellious conversations and acts pertaining to the concepts of race, gender, and sexuality.

One of the most interesting characters on the ‘Sex and the City‘ reboot is Carrie’s podcast boss, Che Diaz (Sara Ramírez). Soon, after a series of awkward encounters, Che and Miranda become friends; however, their dynamic eventually moves beyond the range of simple companionship. Fans are thus curious to see what lies in this unconventional duo’s future. So, will Miranda and Che get together? Let’s dive right in and find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Miranda and Che Get Together?

Miranda first meets Che after Mr. Big’s funeral when she sees the comedian allowing her underage son, Brady, to take a hit of weed off their vaporizer. Immediately, Miranda gets into an argument with Che, who slowly backs off. Later, Carrie, unaware of what transpired in her absence, formally introduces Miranda and Che to each other. Miranda and Che then agree that they overreacted and have a light-hearted conversation about their initial judgments regarding each other. Che even calls Miranda “Rambo,” due to how aggressively she tried to protect her son.

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Soon, Miranda starts respecting Che’s identity and sense of humor. In episode 3, Miranda even goes along with Carrie and Charlotte to Che’s comedy special taping. As she watches Che talk about their identity as a queer, non-binary, and bisexual comedian, Miranda becomes quite emotional even as she is entertained. “I say it’s better to be confused than to be sure,” Che says, talking about sexuality and the other “boxes” of identity people are forced to choose in life. “Because when you’re sure, then nothin’ can change. And we all have somethin’ we need to change.”

After the show, Miranda goes for the afterparty even though Carrie and Charlotte have gone home. She finds Che and gushes to them about how moved she is by their talk of change. Clearly, Miranda’s life is extremely monotonous and she desperately wants to do something different. Then, when Che offers her a joint, Miranda graciously rejects it, citing her bad history with marijuana.

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However, when Che offers to shotgun the weed, Miranda looks curious and accepts the offer. Che thus blows the smoke into Miranda’s mouth and the older woman looks dazed and joyous; at this point, we’re sure unsure if her reaction is because of the drug, the excitement of having attended the show, or her attraction to the comedian. In episode 5, Miranda and Che talk to each other in the hospital’s cafeteria when Carrie is indisposed and unable to meet her boss. At this point, it’s obvious that Miranda enjoys spending time with the podcaster. Che talks to Miranda about their previous health issues and mentions how they used to feel emotionally “trapped.”

“But now, now I just — I let it all out,” Che says, happily. Miranda, looking teary-eyed, talks about how she too felt trapped at her law firm and so decided to quit. However, we realize that Miranda isn’t just talking about her job; she is generally miserable in life as well. But, it seems as though Che’s approach to life has stirred something in the older woman.

Later, Che comes to Carrie’s apartment to gift her a bottle of tequila. When Miranda realizes that Che is waiting outside the door, she removes her glasses and rushes into the bathroom to make sure she’s looking alright. After Miranda opens the door, Che checks her out and then walks in. When it becomes obvious that a sleeping Carrie won’t be able to do shots, Miranda suggests that she can drink the tequila with Che instead.

The two get drunk and have a fun time in Carrie’s kitchen. Soon, Che decides to leave as they have a comedy show to go to. Miranda immediately looks upset and asks Che if they can shotgun her again; clearly, Miranda just wants Che to stay for some time more. Che agrees and blows smoke into Miranda’s mouth; however, the atmosphere changes as the comedian kisses the lawyer’s neck. When it becomes obvious that Miranda too is enjoying their intimate encounter, Che proceeds to hook up with her.

After seeking Miranda’s consent, Che even fingers the older woman, making her orgasm quite loudly. Miranda says that it was “the best feeling” she’s ever had in her life. In the middle of this noisy and steamy interaction, Carrie wakes up; she is horrified to see that her friend and her boss are having a sexual encounter in her kitchen. Before leaving, Che says, “Hey, DM me if you wanna chill again soon, OK?”

Thus, the comedian makes it clear that they enjoyed their little moment and wouldn’t mind having a few more in the future. The situation is graver for Miranda, who is soon confronted by Carrie. Although Miranda tries to blame it on the alcohol, Carrie refuses to buy her excuse (whilst acknowledging that she does have a drinking problem). “You’re married, and you just had sex in my kitchen,” says Carrie, pointing out that Miranda just cheated on Steve with Che.

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Finally, Miranda becomes emotional and confesses her true feelings. “I’m unhappy,” she says. “I’m unhappy. I’m trapped. I hate my marriage. I hate it. I hate my life. I, I, I hate it.” She goes on to say that she has been feeling this way “since forever” and that she wants to be “something more.”

“And what about that other activity in the kitchen?” Carrie asks her friend, hinting at Miranda and Che’s sexual encounter. “I don’t know if I want to quit that,” confesses Miranda. “I-I’ve never felt like that in my life.” It’s obvious that — thanks to Che — Miranda has realized that she’s queer. Additionally, she has also come to terms with the fact that she’s unsatisfied with her domestic and professional life. Steve and Miranda do not have a romantic relationship anymore, and Brady is too focused on his girlfriend, Luisa. Miranda is going through a scary mid-life crisis, and being with Che makes her feel confident and strong.

We later see Miranda making herself a drink whilst listening to Che’s podcast; it is be noted that at the start of the reboot, the lawyer was unwilling to check out the ‘X, Y, and Me’ podcast even though Carrie is a guest star on it. Thus, Miranda is clearly thinking about Che; it is likely that the two of them will pursue some form of romance, even though they may not label themselves as a couple. Additionally, it seems as though Miranda is more emotionally involved with the situation than Che because she’s coming to terms with her queer identity and trying to get rid of her dependence on alcohol.

Thus, Miranda and Che might not get together in the conventional sense of the term but we will definitely see more interactions between them, maybe even of the steamy kind! Che has already specified that they are available if Miranda needs them. Meanwhile, Miranda will have to talk to Steve about her infidelity, sexual preferences, and general unhappiness with married life. Of course, we expect that Miranda will also reach out to Carrie and Charlotte; things might even get complicated between Carrie and her boss.

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