What Happens to Leon in Snowfall? Does He Die?

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The first half of FX’s crime drama seriesSnowfall’ season 6 sees the return of Leon Simmons from Ghana after his marriage with Wanda. He tries to become the mediator between Franklin Saint and the Saint couple, Jerome and Louie. After serving as the second-in-command of the Family for a long time, Leon aspires for peace and survival when chaos erupts in the streets of Los Angeles, threatening the lives of everyone involved in the crack cocaine epidemic. In the series finale, Leon makes several significant decisions concerning his future. If you are intrigued about the same, here’s our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Leon Survives and Moves to Ghana

No, Leon does not die. Throughout the sixth season, Leon tries to resolve several problems in his neighborhood to look after the members of his community. His efforts, however, become pointless after a while since wars get fought in several parts of Los Angeles. Kane Hamilton and Jerome Saint kill each other, Franklin puts his life on the line to get his $73 million back, and ultimately Sharon “Cissy” Saint kills Theodore “Teddy” McDonald. Cissy gets sentenced to life imprisonment, which startles Wanda, who is nothing short of a daughter to the former. Wanda tells her husband that she wants to get out of the chaos present in the city by leaving for Ghana.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

Leon initially decides to stay in Los Angeles to help his community, which desperately needs help. However, Cissy asks him to leave for Ghana to join Wanda and save their togetherness. Cissy’s intervention saves Leon’s life as he follows her instructions. Leon leaves for Ghana soon after Wanda’s departure and reunites with his wife. “If Leon stayed in the projects and kept dealing, he is a dead man. He never would have made it out, and so she [Cissy] saved him,” co-creator and showrunner Dave Andron clarified to TVLine. Leon, however, isn’t ready to cut all the ties he has with the city where he was born and grew up in.

In the closing scene of the series finale, Leon returns to Los Angeles after two years. He meets his best friend Franklin, who is on the verge of losing his only home since he hasn’t been able to pay the property tax of the place. Although Leon offers to pay the tax for him, the latter dismisses the offer. Leon returns to continue helping his community by setting up a free legal clinic. He wants to create awareness concerning the rights of Black people when the LAPD has been arresting people left and right. Leon thinks that the corrupt police officers and public prosecutors have been making the lives of Black folks miserable, which makes him fight for them again.

Image Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FX

As the crime drama concludes, Leon is one of the few who survives the crack cocaine epidemic with minimal losses. “One of our guiding lights to some extent for who was going to make it out was the people who kind of had taken stock of the things they’d done and tried to change their lives should get to make it out, right? And that’s really Leon and even Oso was trying to get out,” Andron told The Hollywood Reporter about Leon’s survival. According to him, he will remain in touch with Cissy as well. “It’s nice to think that he [Leon] was writing her while she [Cissy] was inside. Now that he’s back in L.A. at the very end, I’m sure he’ll go and see her, and those two will continue to have a relationship,” the co-creator added to TVLine.

Furthermore, we may haven’t seen the last of Leon. It is confirmed that a spin-off series of ‘Snowfall’ is in development, reportedly expected to revolve around Wanda’s journey to become a musician, as teased by Leon in the series finale. “She [Wanda] came back from Africa at the very end, and even though we don’t see her we hear about her from Leon, she’s back and she’s got a dream,” Andron told Deadline about the spin-off series. “She’s gonna have a whole life and she’s found something she’s passionate about, something she wants to be a part of. This for me goes back to the Wanda whom we first met,” he added. As Wanda’s husband, we can expect Leon to be a part of the show’s narrative.

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