What Happens to Maggie in The Lincoln Lawyer?

Image Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ follows the personal and professional life of Mickey Haller, who becomes the hottest defense attorney in LA after winning one unwinnable case after another. Each season, we find Mickey handling a high-profile case that can make or break his career. Despite all odds stacked against him and his clients, he always finds a way around it and gets them off the hook. In addition, Mickey also handles several other low-profile cases, which sometimes connect to a bigger case or put him in touch with people who might prove useful to him later.

While he finds success in his professional life, Mickey’s personal life doesn’t seem to be doing so well. He has already been divorced twice, and despite forming romantic connections with some women, he never sticks with a relationship for too long. It has something to do with him picking the wrong woman and that he is still in love with his first wife, Maggie. What happens to her in Season 2, and what does it mean about her future in the show? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

What Happens to Maggie?

Despite being divorced, Maggie and Mickey are still very much in love with each other. In two seasons, they almost get back together at least twice, which shows that their worlds revolve around one another and are so intrinsically linked that they can never really be separated from each other. Their marriage is done, and they see other people, but somehow, they always seem to wind up in each other’s arms. While Mickey approves of it, Maggie is not sure this is good for either of them.

One of the reasons why Mickey and Maggie’s marriage didn’t work out is because they are so invested in their work that they cannot separate it from their personal lives. They both bring work home, even if they don’t intend to, which gets in the way of their relationship. Moreover, they also have opposing views about some things, and Mickey believes that he can do anything if it’ll save his client. In doing so, he often overlooks how his actions might impact Maggie.

This happens at the end of Season 1 when his efforts to save Jesus Menendez severely impact Maggie’s career. A witness implicates Detective Lankford, with whom Maggie had been working for months to catch a criminal named Angelo Soto. When Lankford is placed under investigation, Maggie loses her prime witness, Soto walks free, and Maggie is demoted. This was a massive blow to her because she had worked hard to get that far. She had to face all sorts of challenges, most of which had to do with sexism in the workplace. Mickey’s one move, in which he could have alerted her beforehand, undoes everything she’d worked for.

Dejected by her current situation, Maggie wonders what she should do, and her friend and fellow prosecutor, Andrea Freemann, suggests she should take another job someplace else if it offers her what she wants. Soon after, Maggie gets the offer to join the DA’s office in San Diego, where she will get to work in Major Crimes again. This is the exact job she had before she was demoted, but it means she will have to leave Los Angeles. Maggie ponders on it for a while but eventually decides this is the best thing for her career.

When Maggie reveals that she is moving to San Diego, Mickey is shocked. He doesn’t want her to leave, especially after a great night together. He believes there might still be some hope for their relationship. However, Maggie points out that it never works for them, even if they keep circling back to each other. She doesn’t want to be stuck in that cycle anymore, so it’s best if she removes herself from said situation. So, she packs her bags and leaves for San Diego to start a new chapter in her life.

Considering that she is still an important part of Mickey’s life, we expect to see her again in the next season, even if not so frequently. In the books, Mickey and Maggie end up together after all the problems and whatnot between them. If the show aims to go down the same path, then Maggie won’t disappear from Mickey’s life so easily. This move to San Diego might come with some twists that will be explored in future seasons.

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