What Happens to Tyler in Wednesday? Is He Dead?

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Portrayed by Hunter Doohan, Tyler Galpin is an important character in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday.’ He is the son of Jericho’s Sheriff, Donovan Galpin. Wednesday first meets Tyler at the Weathervane cafe Bakery, his workplace, and he promises to help her escape Nevermore. As the series progresses, the two of them grow close romantically. However, toward the end of the season, Wednesday makes significant discoveries about the boy, which changes her perception of him. If you are wondering what ultimately happens to Tyler, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happens to Tyler?

The pilot episode establishes the prospect of a relationship between Tyler and Wednesday and the fact that Tyler has a stormy relationship with his father because of the latter’s unwillingness to talk about his late wife. These morsels of information become important as the series progresses.

Tyler is initially presented as a harmless young man. He has some issues with his father, but it has apparently been caused by grief. Although Xavier keeps claiming that Tyler is not a good person, that can be chalked as the result of his jealousy over the budding relationship between Tyler and Wednesday. The incident with the artwork happened a year ago, and Xavier must learn how to move on.

The writers have created Tyler in such a way that it’s very easy to root for him. He remains the primary male protagonist until the penultimate episode of the season when Wednesday kisses him and has a vision that makes her realize that he is the Hyde, the monster responsible for multiple deaths in Jericho.

It is revealed that Tyler inherited the Hyde traits from his mother. Marilyn Thornhill (Christina Ricci), whose real name is Laurel Gates, discovers the truth about him and uses her chemicals to bring the monster out of Tyler and keep him in control, turning him against Nevermore and everyone else she believes wronged her family. Wednesday erroneously goes after Xavier and their mutual therapist at first, thinking that Xavier is the Hyde and Dr. Valerie Kinbott is his controller. This even leads to Xavier’s arrest. After realizing the truth, Wednesday tries to torture Tyler, but that doesn’t work. At this time, she still believes that Kinbott is the one controlling the Hyde. But then, the older woman is gruesomely killed, and Wednesday eventually realizes who the real culprit is.

Wednesday confronts Laurel with Weems disguised as Tyler. Although she gets the confession she wanted, Weems is killed in the process. In the climactic fight, while Wednesday and some of her friends face a resurrected Crackstone and Laurel, Enid, having turned into a werewolf for the first time, fights Tyler in his Hyde form and defeats him.

The last time we see Tyler in this season, he is in police custody. Just as his van passes the Addam family car, the monster once more emerges from within Tyler.

Is Tyler Dead?

No, Tyler isn’t dead at the end of the first season of ‘Wednesday.’ The real question here is whether he remains in custody or frees himself. It’s possible that the restraints the officers put on him are strong enough to hold him. After all, this is a world where similar monsters exist. But it’s equally possible for Tyler to free himself and go on a rampage again.

The fate of Laurel Gates is left a mystery at the end of the first season. But if she manages to escape from police custody as well, the first thing she will try to do is to find her monster. People like her rarely give up their pursuit of vengeance, and Tyler is equally psychotic. Even though Laurel controlled him, it’s apparent that he enjoyed killing people. Something tells me that Wednesday might have to deal with these two people again in the future.

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