What is AGT’s Josh Blue’s Net Worth?

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Winner of the fourth season of NBC’s ‘Last Comic Standing,’ Josh Blue is a former Paralympian and comedian who has made a name for himself thanks to his self-deprecating humor and unmatched confidence on stage. Blue’s father was a professor at Hamline University, and he was born in Cameroon. However, he grew up mostly in Minnesota, where he attended Como Park Senior High School. He went on to enroll at The Evergreen State College for a degree in creative writing. While studying there, Jack started doing an open mic, where he slowly garnered a loyal fan following. However, he had to work on his improvisational skills and timing for several years before he truly pursued his dream of becoming a comic on a bigger stage.

His hard work was not wasted as his comic sense and delivery improved radically, and he soon became a well-known name in the comedy circuit. Josh married Yuko Kubota in 2007, and the couple has two children- Simon and Seika. But, for some personal reasons, the couple parted ways and got divorced in 2014. Luckily, the comic found love again when he met and started dating Mercy Gold in 2017. Josh’s growing influence in the entertainment industry has made a lot of people curious about his career so far and his net worth. In case you are looking for similar information, then allow us to be your guide.

How Did Josh Blue Make His Money?

Very few people know that Josh loved playing soccer at school, but his cerebral palsy diagnosis proved to be a hurdle as he could not compete in the sport as much as he would have liked. However, that did not discourage him from following and playing the sport religiously, and he went on to represent America in the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens. During a time when his career as a comic was on the rise, he chose to give just as much importance to soccer. As a member of the US Paralympic Soccer Team, Josh represented America in 8 countries.

However, over time, his career in soccer paled in comparison to his achievements as an eccentric comedian whose self-deprecating jokes have made millions laugh their heads off. He made his television debut in the comedy series titled ‘Mind of Mencia’ and went on to become the first comic to perform on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ Apart from appearing in talk shows like ‘The JAGUAR Morning Show’ and ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,’ Blue has also starred in the horror film ‘Feast III: The Happy Finish’ and has several comedy specials to his name. In 2021, he participated and made his mark on ‘America’s Got Talent‘ season 16.

According to his website, Josh does about 200 shows every single year. However, when he is not busy making people laugh, he likes to make sculptures and paintings. Thanks to his massive social media fan following, Blue now also sells his own merchandise, which probably rakes in a decent sum of money for him. Since we are back on the topic of money, let’s not waste any more time and look at his net worth.

Josh Blue’s Net Worth

Josh Blue’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Since he continues to do hundreds of shows every year apart from selling sculptures, paintings, and merchandise, it goes without saying that his overall wealth is bound to increase in the coming years.

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