What is Dale Brisby’s Net Worth?

Born and raised in Texas, Dale Brisby, whose real name is Clint Hopping, can only be described as a comedic and charismatic cowboy who’s taking the western industry to a new level thanks to his online presence and hard work. Through his brand, Dale gives us an inside glimpse into the rural lifestyle that many urban and suburban residents are unfamiliar with. Yet, as highlighted in ‘How to Be a Cowboy,’ he does so by keeping his content light and relatable despite the cowboy traditions he follows. So now, let us learn more about his overall career trajectory and net worth, shall we?

How Did Dale Brisby Earn His Money?

Dale Brisby grew up surrounded by ranchers and rodeos, which made him realize that he wanted to be in the same profession at an early age. Apart from spending his summers in open fields to learn every possible skill set at different levels from specialists and his mentors, Dale then studied in the vocational bounds. In other words, after high school and under-graduation, Dale graduated with a Master’s Degree in General Agriculture from Texas A&M University in 2011. This was years after he had already begun competing as a bull rider in the PCRA in July 1967.

Dale became the manager of Radiator Ranch Cattle Company in 2004 and has since earned fame in the world of cattle herding and caring. At first, it was purely due to his hard work at the ranch, but then, when Dale launched Rodeo Time in 2013 and started posting videos on social media platforms, it grew further. After all, he is now an entrepreneur who also deals in his brand and its merchandise. Everything from T-shirts, hoodies, and hats to patches, decals, backpacks, and posters are available on his website or at the Dale Warehouse (or DaleWearHouse) in Newcastle, Texas.

Dale also has a studio apartment available for rent via Airbnb right near the warehouse for those who wish to spend additional time there to shop and meet the crew. However, a large portion of Dale’s income comes from his online work. With weekly videos, a podcast, sponsored posts, etc., he has amassed more than 304k YouTube subscribers and over 701k followers on Instagram as of writing. Therefore, he probably earns a couple of thousand dollars from each platform every month, especially with the advertising revenue. Dale even has a Cameo account.

Dale Brisby’s Net Worth

Although Dale Brisby has never revealed his exact income over the years and has kept all personal aspects away from the spotlight, we do have an estimate of his net worth. After considering the above details, his Netflix appearance (which he co-executive produced), and the market value of his assets, it’s safe to assume that Dale Brisby’s worth is close to $1 million.

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