What is Dubai Bling’s Safa Siddiqui’s Net Worth?

Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling‘ is a reality series that features some of the wealthiest residents of Dubai, UAE. Most of the cast members are part of the same social circle and know each other pretty well. Hence, their time on the show focuses heavily on their relationships with each. While there are plenty of heartwarming moments filled with love and friendship, the series also has plenty of drama and tension-filled moments that are sure to keep the viewers captivated.

One of the most enticing elements of the show is the glamorous lifestyle of its stars. However, no one seems to be as fashion-forward as Safa Siddiqui, whose wardrobe size was one of the major plot points in the first season. From her clothes to her jewelry, Safa exuded luxury, making many viewers wonder just how wealthy the reality TV star is. If you are also curious about Safa Siddiqui’s riches, here is what we know about the same!

How Did Safa Siddiqui Earn Her Money?

Safa Siddiqui, a woman of Iranian descent, grew up in London, UK. After completing her graduation, she entered the real estate industry and soon became a well-known name within the industry. However, after some time, Safa left behind the corporate life, though her job did help her find friends like Zeina Khoury, with whom Safa is still close. The reality TV star soon started utilizing social media, where she has a significant number of followers, to promote different brands and products.

In the first season of ‘Dubai Bling,’ Safa transitioned from her role as a retired career woman to a professional fashion designer. Her clothes were displayed in a fashion show, and she was ready to take the world by storm. In fact, she recently launched her own line of clothing in partnership with Shein and is more than happy to promote her business through the internet.

What is Safa Siddiqui’s Net Worth?

Starting with Safa’s career as a real estate agent, it is likely that the reality TV star earned around $150,000 per year if one considers the average earnings of a high-end real estate agent in London, UK. However, Safa left the field behind several years ago and is now focused on being a social media content creator and fashion designer.

Given the number of followers she has on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, we believe she earns about $40,000 per year. While Safa has recently entered the fashion designing field, her connections and wealth have certainly boosted her earnings, which are likely to be around $100,000. Considering all the factors, we estimate Safa Siddiqui’s net worth to be around $1.5 million.

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