What is Kaleb Cooper’s Net Worth?

Among the numerous people featured in Amazon Prime’s ‘Clarkson’s Farm,’ few have gained as much love as Kaleb Cooper. Since his first appearance in the documentary series, the farming expert grabbed the viewers’ attention with his frank attitude and agricultural skills. As one of the most crucial pieces in the working of Jeremey Clarkson’s farm, Kaleb’s professional life has garnered the public’s curiosity. Besides, many of his fans are eager to learn how much wealth he has made through his work over the years. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

How Did Kaleb Cooper Earn His Money?

Kaleb’s journey in the field started after graduating from Moreton Morrell College. Based in England’s Cotswolds region, he started Kaleb Cooper Contracting in 2016, around 18. The company offers various agricultural services to its clients, including disking/cultivating, topping, plowing, and drilling. Those interested can also hire the company for road sweeping, countryside maintenance, paddock care, and hedge cutting. These are far from the only facilities provided by Kaleb under his eponymous brand, and the reality TV star is quite proud of his work.

Kaleb Cooper Contracting presently only serves the English county of Oxfordshire and the surrounding regions. Having started with just a shed of chickens, Kaleb understands the need for a flexible approach to farming and tries his best to provide a variety of services to his customers that can be molded to suit the need of the clients. When not caring for contracting needs or tending to his own animals, he is pretty adept at handling a tractor.

In fact, it was Kaleb’s skills with a tractor that got him in contact with Jeremy Clarkson. Before the ‘Top Gear‘ star’s arrival on the 1000-acre farm, Kaleb had worked on his land for three years and knew the area quite well. This led Jeremy to contact him when he realized how taxing cultivating could be. Soon enough, Kaleb became a star in ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ and gained numerous fans. His Instagram has over 1.2 million followers eager to learn more about him.

Apart from his work within the agricultural industry, Kaleb is an integral part of Hawkstone and even has a cider named after him. Not just that, the TV star has taken up the role of an author. His book, ‘The World According to Kaleb,’ is set to be released on April 18, 2023. Currently, Kaleb works as a manager at Clarkson’s Farm and often butts head with his boss, though the two share a close bond.

Kaleb Cooper’s Net Worth

To understand Kaleb’s wealth, we must consider his numerous ventures. Starting with his work in contracting, an average person in the industry makes an annual amount of $35,000. Moreover, his reported annual income from the show is about $60,000 (£50,000). Kaleb has publicly stated that he makes about 60 cents per hour from his farming work (50 pence). Additionally, an Instagram influencer with a following of similar size would make about $500,000 per year, while farm managers in the UK earn about $50,000 every year. Combining these factors, we estimate Caleb Cooper’s net worth to be about $4.6 million.

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