What is Mike McLusky’s Job in Mayor of Kingstown, Explained

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Paramount+’s ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ is a crime-thriller series created by Taylor Sheridan (‘Yellowstone‘) and Hugh Dillon. The series is set in the titular town and revolves around the lives of the McLusky family. The narrative follows Mike McLusky as he rises to the position of the Mayor of Kingstown and is forced to deal with the moral complexities of his job. However, the series does not shed much light on the exact nature of his job. If you are wondering what Mike McLusky’s Job is and what the titular position means in ‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

How Did Mike McLusky Become the Mayor of Kingstown?

Mike McLusky is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ and serves as the show’s protagonist. Actor Jeremy Renner essays the role of Mike McLusky in the series. Renner is arguably best known for playing Clint Barton/Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, including the spin-off series ‘Hawkeye.’ Viewers might also remember Renner from his Academy Award-nominated performance as Sergeant First Class William James in ‘The Hurt Locker.’

In ‘Mayor of Kingstown,’ is the middle child of Mariam McLusky, and the younger brother of Mitch McLusky (Kyle Chandler). The McLusky family’s fate is tied to the position of the Mayor. Initially, Mike’s father was the first Mayor of Kingstown. After his passing, the eldest son Mitch took on the role. Meanwhile, Mike was imprisoned during his younger days before becoming his brother’s right-hand man. However, Mitch is unceremoniously killed in the series premiere episode. Thus, the mantle of the Mayor passes on to Mike, who assumes the role so he can continue his family’s legacy and avenge his brother’s death.

Mike McLusky’s Role: Unofficial Power Broker

While the series lays down the history of the Mayor of Kingstown title, the exact nature of the job remains unclear for several episodes. It is explained that the “Mayor” is not an official position in the town that holds a political office. Kingstown houses several prisons, and this unique feature dominates its local politics and street crime. Several culturally diverse gangs are active in Kingstown, often creating a conflict of interest for law enforcement. Hence, a power vacuum is often created due to the constant criminal upheaval, allowing the entrance of the proverbial Mayor of Kingstown.

In the series, Mike is involved in almost every facet of the prison town’s society, dealing with any conflicts that can arise due to the presence of an overwhelming number of criminals. Mike deals with criminals and law enforcement officers to maintain peace in the town. As a result, Mike’s job is to act as an unofficial power broker in the fragile ecosystem of Kingstown and its hierarchy of criminals.

While an actual mayor exists in the town, they practically hold no power over its affairs. Instead, Mike McLusky must utilize his power-brokering skills and make mutually beneficial deals to avert a crisis. Mike’s job essentially entails the needs and wants of the involved parties and finding a solution that suits everyone. In the process, the Mayor allows a certain level of low-level crime to run smoothly in the town so that he can maintain peace in the bigger picture. As a result, there is moral complexity to Mike’s job that often impacts other aspects of his life.

“He has connections with the people in (the) prison, the leaders in the prison and outside the prison, and the prison guards because he knows everybody and he knows how it all works. He’s just trying to keep the peace. But lines can get blurred at any given moment, which makes it exhilarating to watch,” Renner told Collider about the nature of his character’s job. Ultimately, the Mayor of Kingstown is merely a power broker and not the official Mayor of the prison town.

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