What is Nam Laks’ Family’s Net Worth?

If we’re being honest, there is absolutely nothing relatable about the cast of Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire: New York’ because their financial, social, as well as personal standings are just that incredible. Take Nam Laks for example; there’s a reason she’s referred to as the “Blair Waldorf of Thailand,’ and it has no connection to her love life or zeal for drama, especially since she’s actually sweet. So now, if you simply wish to learn more about her, her immediate family, and their overall net worth — with a specific focus on their professional trajectories — we have got the details for you.

What Does Nam Laks’ Family Do?

While Nam has never once dismissed the fact she hails from a thriving family in Bangkok, Thailand, and is thus undeniably privileged, she maintains that honest, hard work is still required of her. The prime example of this is the fact she didn’t want to pursue a Master’s upon graduating from the University of Manchester, yet she did so anyways at her father Nakorn Laksanakarn’s behest. “This is one of my dad’s biggest things, like, he just loves when his children graduate,” the then-Columbia University-Spirituality Mind Body Institute program student said in the Netflix original.

Then there was the threat Nam would be cut off if she didn’t control her spending or work towards standing on her own two feet in New York, with the other alternative being her return to Thailand. The truth is her father, Nakorn, seemingly understands the value of grind because he was a successful business executive for most of his adult life, which is what he wants to impart to his kids as well. Whether it be Nam or her brothers Nick and Nino, the former President-CEO of Natural Park Public Company Limited’s expectations for them all is the same; education and diligence.

We, unfortunately, couldn’t find much on Nakorn’s own early experiences, but we do know he rose up the ranks to hold significant posts at Natural Park for several years before resigning in May 2016. This Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) listed firm is actually engaged in real estate business development on both a national as well as international level, indicating there has always been a lot of scope within. Plus, in his own words, the nation’s political situation has never really affected their business plans, meaning they’ve been able to work (and blossom) under any conditions.

It thus comes as no surprise that Natural Park’s total assets, revenue, sales, and equity have been in the millions over the past several years, especially with its acquisition of BTS Group, plus its name change to U City in 2015. We should mention it has even invested in the life insurance market through Advance Life Insurance Public Company Limited, and with Nakorn having a position of power within the parent business, he definitely would’ve made off well.

Nam Laks’ Family’s Net Worth

Considering all the above aspects, their complete life of luxury, and their individual as well as familial potential, it appears as if the Laks family is one of the most influential in Thailand at the moment. Plus, with Nakorn serving in executive positions at the now-$1.5 billion real estate organization for years, he probably holds a minimum 3-5% stake in it, which directly makes it worth close to $50 million. Therefore, with their many other assets, investments, and returns getting added into the mix, their net worth is estimated to be in the $400-500 million range right now.

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