What is Selling Sunet’s Vanessa Villela’s Net Worth?

Born on January 28, 1978, Vanessa Villela is a Mexican-American actress and real-estate agent known for her sweet personality and professional dedication. Her passion for the entertainment industry and her past in the same is no secret either, which is why she blended in seamlessly upon stepping foot into ‘Selling Sunset.’ Vanessa also obtained US citizenship around late 2017, meaning that she can now achieve all her goals in the nation without any worries. So, if you wish to know the details of her career trajectory and estimated net worth, we’ve got you covered.

How Did Vanessa Villela Earn Her Money?

While growing up in the land of rich cultures, Vanessa Villela developed an interest in the world of acting and glamor. Thus, she worked hard to learn the ropes, and by 1991, she had made her debut on Mexican screens with ‘Muchachitas’ (‘Girls’). Following this, she appeared on ‘Mágica Juventud’ (‘Magical Youth’) and ‘Mujer, Casos de la Vida Real’ (‘Woman, Real-Life Cases’) before finding national acclaim for her role of Sara in ‘Amada Enemiga’ (‘Enemy Beloved’) in 1997. This particular part perfectly showcased her skill and even led to numerous suitable opportunities.

A few other telenovelas the actress did includes, ‘Gotita de Amor’ (‘Love Droplet’), ‘Romántica Obsesión’ (‘Romantic Obsession’), ‘El Amor no es Como lo Pintan’ (‘Love is Not How they Paint it’), and ‘Súbete a mi Moto’ (‘Get on my Motorcycle’). Moreover, there was ‘Un Nuevo Amor’ (‘A New Love’), ‘El Cuerpo del Deseo’ (‘The Body of Desire’), ‘Eva Luna,’ ‘Una Maid en Manhattan’ (‘A Maid in Manhattan’), ‘En Otra Piel’ (‘In Another Skin’), and ‘El Señor de los Cielos’ (‘The Lord of the Heavens’). She also featured in two films, ‘Tres’ (‘Three’) and ‘En Altamar’ (‘In High Sea’).

However, when Vanessa’s sister Jackie suddenly passed away in 2018, she took a step back from her public profession and decided to follow in her footsteps. The latter was a realtor in San Diego and had always encouraged the actress to join the trade, believing that her helpful nature would shine through. Vanessa was understandably heartbroken about the loss for a while, but once she realized that her sister would not want her to waste away, she got her real estate license. Within a short time, she honed her skills, and today, she is dedicating her growing career to Jackie.

By May 2021, Vanessa was a part of The Oppenheim Group and Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset.’ “Dreams do come true,” she penned on her Instagram when the announcement was made, as seen above. She then added, “I am so excited! 😬 Not only because I was able to manifest this dream of blending my background in acting with my latest passion in real estate but because I want to help empower and show others to never give up on yourself or your dreams. I’m beyond grateful and blessed with this next chapter of my life.”

What is Vanessa Villela’s Net Worth?

With a two-decade-long and still ongoing career in entertainment, along with her assets and the commissions she receives from being a broker specializing in Malibu properties, Vanessa Villela has created a good and comfortable life for herself. Therefore, as of now, her estimated net worth stands at $5 million.

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