What Year Does Vikings: Valhalla Take Place? Where Is It Set?

Image Credit: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

‘Vikings: Valhalla’ is a sequel series to History Channel’s ‘Vikings.’ It follows the adventures of some of the great Viking heroes. The story begins as King Aethelred II orders the massacre of the Norse people living in his territory. This leads to yet another Viking invasion of England, this time headed by King Canute of Denmark. Meanwhile, the followers of the old Pagan faith are gradually decimated in a conflict with the Christians. If you want to know more about the time and setting of ‘Vikings: Valhalla,’ this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Year Does Vikings: Valhalla Take Place?

In the title sequence of the pilot episode, it is explained that the show is set in the 11th century, 100 years after ‘Vikings.’ This is underscored later in the episode during a speech by Canute. According to him, it has been over a hundred years since Ragnar Lothbrok’s death was avenged by his children. Like the original series, ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ takes much creative liberty while bringing legendary personalities such as Freydis Eriksdotter (Frida Gustavsson), Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett), and Harald Sigurdsson to the screen.

The horrible St. Brice’s Day massacre happened in real life on November 13, 1002. Unlike in the show, the Viking response to it was led by Sweyn Forkbeard, Canute’s father, and not Canute himself. Forkbeard launched a series of raids during 1002–1005, 1006–1007, and 1009–1012.

Image Credit: Bernard Walsh / Netflix

Moreover, the show depicts that Canute was already the King of Denmark when he invaded England. That wasn’t the case with real Canute, who reigned over England from 1016, over Denmark from 1018, and over Norway from 1028 until his demise in 1035. Many of the characters that appear in the show and interact with each other couldn’t have done so in real life. For instance, Freydis was born in 970 and Harald in 1015. There is little chance that they met in real life. However, the show depicts them as lovers.

All three protagonists of the show are in the early stages of their careers as adventurers. Harald is yet to take the throne of Norway, and Leif and Freydis are yet to find their way to coastal North America or Vinland. By this, we can safely assume that it is set in an alternate version of the first part of the 11th century for now. Netflix’s official summary of the show hints that William the Conqueror might appear in future seasons. His conquest of England took place later in the 11th century. We might also see the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066. Harald died in that battle, and the Viking Age came to an end.

Where Is Vikings: Valhalla Set?

In its first season, ‘Vikings: Valhalla’ switches back and forth between England and Scandinavia. Most of the Scandinavian part of the narrative takes place in Kattegat, Uppsala, and other parts of Norway. Denmark is featured briefly when Olaf Haraldsson visits Queen Ælfgifu of Denmark. London features prominently in the English part of the narrative, along with Kent and Mercia. Filming for the season reportedly took place in Dublin and County Wicklow in Ireland.

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