When and Where Does Tin & Tina Take Place?

Helmed by Rubin Stein, Netflix’s ‘Tin & Tina’ is a psychological thriller movie about Lola and Adolfo, a young couple who adopt two strange orphan twins. However, the children’s religious beliefs disrupt the family’s life and create a chain of inexplicable events. The film combines horror and mystery elements with a family story that can easily resonate with the viewers. Its setting and time period also help convey its themes. Hence, viewers must be wondering when and where ‘Tin & Tina’ takes place. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Tin & Tina Take Is Set in 1980s Spain

‘Tin & Tina’ revolves around Lola and Adolfo, a young couple who adopt twin orphans from the local convent to raise as their own. The film follows Lola and Adolfo as they try to understand the mindset of their adopted children, who have grown up in a strict religious environment. As a result, the children obediently follow the teaching of the Bible and take it literally. Hence, Lola and Adolfo are forced to deal with some baffling and shocking events that make them question the decision to adopt the children. The movie’s primary theme is religious fanaticism, especially the facets that lead to people, especially children, fearing God.

The movie’s setting reflects the unsettling theme and tyrannical perception of God. The film takes place in 1981, a period in history that was particularly turbulent for the country of Spain. In the early 1980s, Spain was in the final stages of its transition to democracy. The nation previously saw autocratic leadership, which was replaced with a democratic system by 1982. As a result, the film, set in the last days of Spanish autocracy, adds to its depiction of themes of a higher authority. Thus, the film’s 1980s setting adds to the symbolism in the movie and provides another layer of social commentary to its already thought-provoking subject material.

Although the time period of ‘Tin & Tina’ is evidently conveyed through the use of archive footage and era-appropriate technology, its geographical setting isn’t as evident. The film takes place in Spain, mainly at a house in the countryside where Lola, Adolfo, and their adopted children live. However, the exact location or province in Spain where the movie’s events unfold is never explicitly stated on the screen. As a result, the setting adds to the narrative’s mystery and amplifies its unsettling nature by making Lola and Adolfo’s household accessible to viewers.

The film creates an impression that these events could unfold anywhere in Spain or even outside the country with little to no cultural changes. Thus, the setting gives the movie a universal appeal, better resonating its subject material with viewers. Meanwhile, the film was almost exclusively shot on location in the Province of Seville. Hence, it is safe to say that Lola and Adolfo reside in Seville, making it the movie’s primary setting. However, since the movie takes place in the 980s, the city of Seville is unrecognizable compared to its present-day appearance. As a result, the film’s physical setting does not directly factor into its narrative but helps set up the atmosphere the story tries to capture.

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