When and Where Does Viking Wolf Take Place? Is Nybo a Real Town?

Originally titled ‘Vikingulven,’ director Stig Svendsen’s ‘Viking Wolf’ is a horror thriller film, the first to explore the werewolf myth in a Norwegian context. The Netflix film revolves around Thale Berg, a teenager who finds herself a key witness in the murder of her classmate. As Thale’s mother, Liv Berg, a cop investigates the case; the duo learns dark secrets that change the trajectory of their lives. The gripping tale is set against a backdrop of a small town and draws from centuries-old folklore. Therefore, viewers must be curious about the film’s period and setting. If you are wondering when and where ‘Viking Wolf’ takes place, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Past to Present: From 1050 to 2020s Norway

‘Viking Wolf’ opens in the past by briefing viewers about the origin of the werewolf myth. The opening scenes are set in 1050 and tell the story of Gudbrand the Grim, a Viking who went on an expedition to Normandy. However, he and his crew discovered a hound they carried to their homeland. However, the creature turned out to be a werewolf and went on a rampage. The story then moves roughly a thousand years forward, coming to the present day. Most of the movie takes place in the modern era, most likely in the 2020s. However, an exact timeframe for the events is not established.

The film is set in a small Norwegian town and follows Thale Berg and her mother, Liv Berg. The Bergs have moved to the town seeking a fresh start after the death of Thale’s birth father. The town is named Nybo, and it is located in the Southern part of Norway. The town is covered in dense woods and has a lake in the middle with mountains overlooking one side. Several exterior shots are used to establish to town’s topography, which contributes to the narrative. The sleepy and remote town makes an ideal setting for a horror story revolving around a monster. As a result, it becomes difficult for the characters to track down the creature, heightening the tension in the narrative.

Nybo is a Fictional Town

Nybo is the primary setting of ‘Viking Wolf’ and appears to be a fictional town. However, Nybo might be a fictional counterpart of a real town in Norway. In reality, there is no town named Nybo in Norway. However, the film states that the town is situated in Telemark. Telemark is an electoral district in southern Norway. It was formerly a county and a traditional region of Norway, rooted in the Old Norse culture. In Telemark, there is a village called Bø. Therefore, it is likely that the similarly named town is the inspiration behind Nybo.

The movie was extensively filmed in Notodden, Norway. Notodden is also located in Telemark County and serves as the physical stand-in for Nybo. Therefore, it is likely that Notodden is a visual inspiration for the fictional town. Some scenes were also shot in Oslo, the capital of Norway, and Viken, a County near Oslo. Hence, it is evident that Nybo is not a real town. It is a fictional town created using several Norwegian places as a visual reference.

Ultimately, the film uses a fictional setting to facilitate its storytelling choices. Nybo shares several similarities with different Norwegian towns but does not stand out as a unique setting. The town represents the generalized idea of a small Norwegian town. As a result, it allows the makers to explore the werewolf myth in a Norwegian context and roots the story in the nation’s culture. However, Nybo only uses the geographical features of real towns, giving the film a universal appeal.

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