Viking Wolf Ending, Explained: Is Thale Dead?

Netflix’s ‘Viking Wolf’ (also known as ‘Vikingulven’) is a Norwegian horror thriller movie directed by Stig Svendsen. The movie explores the werewolf myth in a small Norwegian town by blending it with Norse mythology. It tells the story of Thale, a teenager who has recently moved to a new town. As Thale tries to reconnect with her mother, Liv Berg, a cop, she becomes a key witness in the murder of a classmate. While investigating the case, Liv slowly stumbles into the world of the supernatural and must make several tough decisions to protect the town. If you are wondering whether Liv solves the overarching murder mystery and learns the truth, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Viking Wolf.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Viking Wolf Plot Synopsis

‘Viking Wolf’ follows Thale Berg, a teenage girl who has recently moved to Nybo, a small town in Norway. Thale’s mother is Liv Berg, a deputy to the local Sheriff Eilert. She lives with her stepfather, Arthur, and younger sister, Jenny, who is a nonspeaking individual. However, Thale’s relationship with Liv is fractured because of the latter’s divorce from Thale’s birth father. One evening, Thale sneaks out of the house to meet with Jonas, a friend from her new school. However, Thale is an outcast and unwelcome at the party Jonas invited her to.

The teenagers host a party at the Bay, a local water body. However, Elin, one of Jonas’ friends and the daughter of the Mayor, is unhappy with Thale’s presence. She takes Jonas to the woods so they can speak privately. After sunset, Thale stumbles into them only to find Jonas and Elin attacked by a mysterious creature. While Thale tries to save Elin, the creature drags her away before Jonas or Thale can comprehend the situation. Live and Eilert arrive on the scene and interrogate the teenagers.

Elin is reported missing, and the police begin a search in the woods. Liv discovers a wolf claw suspecting that Elin is an animal attack victim. Soon, Elin’s dead body is found in the woods, confirming Liv’s suspicions. Meanwhile, Thale and Jonas deal with the trauma of Elin’s death. As a result, they are drawn close to each other. However, Thale suddenly starts experiencing heightened senses and changes in her personality.

Liv is perplexed by the anatomy of the wolf she believes attacked Elin. She is visited by Lars Brodin, a hunter who explains that the creature Liv is looking for is a werewolf. However, Live does not believe Lars. Before leaving, Lars gives Liv a silver bullet to kill the werewolf. Liv contacts the nation’s leading veterinary expert, who sends his apprentice, William, to help with the investigation. Willaim deduces that the creature they are tracking is potentially a mutated wolf with prolonged scabies.

Eventually, Liv and Eilert conduct a hunt in the woods, during which Eilert is attacked by the creature and falls into a coma. However, Liv continues to hunt and comes face-to-face with the monstrous werewolf. After a brief fight, Liv successfully kills the werewolf using the silver bullet that Lars gave her. However, when William examines the creature’s dead body, he suspects the existence of lycanthropy. Meanwhile, the animal attacks in Nybo continue, forcing Liv and Willaim to seek Lars’ help.

Viking Wolf Ending: Does Liv Find the Werewolf? Where Did it Come From?

In the film, Liv learns about the existence of werewolves from Lars. Later, Liv tracks down and kills the werewolf that lars had been tracking for a couple of years. However, when Liv and Willaim find evidence of a second werewolf’s presence, they seek Lars’ help. The hunter reveals that the werewolf is not a supernatural creature. It is a product of humans experimenting and cross-breeding animals in ancient times to harness their power. In the film’s opening crawl, viewers learn about Gudbrand the Grim, a Viking who discovered a hound from Hell. It is implied that Lars is talking about the same creature from whom the werewolf curse originates.

Lars explains that they must end the creature’s bloodline to end the chaos unleashed on the town. He explains that the second werewolf is likely infected by the werewolf Liv killed during the hunt. Meanwhile, Thale experiences a complete transformation on a full moon night while hanging out with Jonas. However, she kills Jonas and is revealed as the second werewolf. Thale contracted lycanthropy when she tried to save Elin. After transforming into a werewolf, Thale tries to distance herself from people. She takes a bus but attacks passengers after her transformation is triggered.

Thale returns to her home, where she encounters Jenny while still in her werewolf form. However, Thale recognizes Jenny and is unable to kill her sister. As a result, Arthur suppresses the werewolf with an electric current, allowing him and Jenny to escape. As a result, the film puts an interesting twist on the werewolf myth. Romance is an essential part of a werewolf story, but in this case, Thale’s connection with Jonas is never strong enough to anchor her during the transformation. However, Thale shares a loving relationship with Jenny, and her love for her sister remains prevalent despite her turning into a monster.

Did Liv Kill Thale? Is Thale Dead?

During the film’s climax, Liv and Jenny both recognize Thale as the second werewolf, most likely due to the creature’s heterochromia. However, Liv faces a race against time to capture Thale before she can hurt anyone else. William suggests using anesthesia to suppress Thale until they can find a solution. However, Liv knows that she might have to shoot her own daughter. After saving Jenny from Thale in a town street, Liv and Willaim hide inside a store. However, Thale almost attacks them but is hurt when Lars hits her with a car. William shoots Thale with a dart containing anesthesia, and she is captured. However, Lars dies, leaving Liv without a solution to cure Thale.

Ultimately, Liv is forced with a hard choice. She must risk the life of an entire town or kill her daughter to stop the gnarly deaths in the town. In the hospital, Liv has a final conversation with Thale, who is still in her werewolf form. Liv apologizes to Thale and tells her daughter she loves her before holding a gun to Thale’s chest. Although we do not see Liv shooting Thale, it is evident that Liv killed her daughter. The same is evident in the final scene, where we see Liv placing the silver bullet in front of Thale’s photograph in her bedroom.

Moreover, the music of the last scene is also very melancholy, and we do not hear a roaring sound, confirming that Thale is dead. Thus, Liv is forced to kill her own daughter to protect the town from the monster Thale inadvertently became. One can only hope that the werewolf’s bloodline ended with Thale and that the creature did not infect anyone else.

It is implied that the werewolf infected Eilert, but Lars kills him in the hospital to prevent the creation of another werewolf. Hence, it is safe to say that Liv’s sacrifice is not in vain, and her killing Thale will protect the innocent citizens of Nybo. However, the film ends on an anti-climatic note, as Liv never gets to reconcile with her daughter. Therefore, the town’s safety comes at a personal cost for Liv, who will forever grapple with her unresolved issues with Thale, giving the film a bittersweet ending.

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