When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

Titled ‘Hope Springs,’ season 10 episode 2 of ‘When Calls the Heart‘ sees several new developments in Hope Valley, both in the town and its residents’ lives. As Elizabeth and Lucas are engrossed in their wedding preparations, a sudden pair of visitors stirs things between them, making them contemplate their future. Meanwhile, matters are still awkward between Nathan and Faith, yet they avoid confronting their feelings for each other. On the other hand, Bill takes Elizabeth’s advice and “seizes the day,” but things do not seem to be going too well for Henry.

As Lee struggles to retain the newly doubled-up workforce at his mill, Rosemary steps in to help. Following Carter’s discovery of the hot springs, Hope Valley residents get excited about the new picnic spot just outside town and wonder if it could mean anything for the looming economic crisis. Naturally, the ending of the second episode of ‘When Calls the Heart’ season 10 sets the ball rolling for the rest of the season and makes one wonder what lies next for our beloved Hope Valley folks. Well, let’s find out, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 2 Recap

‘Hope Springs’ commences with Elizabeth and Lucas getting overwhelmed with all the wedding planning. In the meantime, Bill shows a surprising change in his behavior and seems to be miraculously recovering from his deteriorating health, making Faith, Mei Sou, and Fiona curious. Besides, he seems to vanish somewhere several times daily, intriguing them further. Moreover, the ladies are amused to notice Nathan, who struggles to bond with his new Mountie dog, Scout.

Later, Mei Sou, Faith, and Fiona decide to have an impromptu picnic at the hot springs and end up encountering an amusing sight — Bill having the time of his life swimming in the hot springs. While he is immediately embarrassed by getting caught, Faith realizes that the sudden improvement in his health has likely been from his regular baths in the pool, the vapor having healing effects on his lung disease. Thus, she decides to study more about it so that it could be used to help more patients.

Finally, Lee lands a meeting with Lawrence Barnaby, a prospective customer who could help solve the problems with the extra workforce at the mill. Though the latter initially refuses to give Lee a contract, Rosemary intelligently uses her excellent networking skills to convince him. Consequently, Lawrence agrees to provide Lee with a big contract for not just one but two years. Given the economic crisis in town, this would help him pay all the new men he has been hiring at the mill.

On the other hand, Nathan and Faith are actively avoiding each other, but when they meet, he indicates she is the one who ended things between them. Surprisingly, she refutes his accusation, claiming that nothing really happened between them in the first place. Afterward, Lee, Bill, and Lucas brainstorm how to represent Henry in his pre-trial and help him avoid a prison term. Yet, he seems adamant about not accepting their aid and seemingly believes that punishing himself is the only way to absolve himself of his past misdeeds.

Consequently, Henry sabotages his friends’ efforts to defend him at the pre-trial and pleads guilty in front of the judge. Seeing matters slip out of hand, Bill somehow manages to convince the judge that Henry is not in a sound state of mind and requests a week of deliberation before he submits his final plea. Joseph then tries convincing the latter to reconsider his decision and think wisely before taking the stand in court. Meanwhile, Mike, who seems to still have feelings for Faith, tries to warn her about the recent terror caused by bandits and offers to accompany her on her rounds to neighboring towns.

Despite Faith turning down any assistance and leaving alone, Nathan overhears the conversation and sets off behind her, with Scout in tow. As Mike predicted, she is waylaid by a young bandit who pretends to have a gun. Although she acts courageously, Nathan arrives in the nick of time and drives off the bandit, leading to a heartfelt moment between him and Faith. Nevertheless, they immediately brush it off, and he leaves behind Scout to look after her. Afterward, everyone in town hikes to the hot springs for a fun picnic and learns about Faith’s misadventure.

As a result, Florence suggests Nathan should become her escort for a while, much to Mike’s dismay. Eventually, everyone discusses what to name the hot springs and believes it should be named after the one who discovered the spot — Carter. Instead, he suggests calling the place Hope Springs after the town’s name. Everyone rejoices at his decision and ponders what the news of such a discovery would mean for Hope Valley’s future, given that many tourists would start flocking to the region. As the episode ends, Bill thanks Elizabeth for encouraging him to embrace life, and she and Rosemary have a poignant discussion on family and motherhood.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 2 Ending Explained: Do Elizabeth and Lucas Leave Hope Valley?

In season 10 episode 2, Elizabeth and Lucas are knee-deep in wedding preparations and get anxious when they have to welcome some unexpected visitors. They are none other than her younger sister, Julie, and her aunt, Agatha, who is known to be quite stern. As expected, the latter is not too impressed upon her arrival in Hope Valley, given her upper-class lifestyle in Hamilton. Eventually, Agatha and Julie start bombarding Elizabeth with their extravagant wedding plans, yet luckily, Rosemary intervenes and convinces them to have a simpler wedding, just like the bride wants.

Though Elizabeth is relieved, she is later shocked when Julie reveals that their parents want her to have the wedding in Hamilton and move there permanently. On top of it, she confesses their father plans to offer Lucas an irresistible job and make him a part of the family business. Realizing that Julie and Agatha have just come to sway her and her fiance, Elizabeth is furious at her family and conveys the same to Rosemary. She also worries that since Lucas is a businessman with high ambitions in life, he would end up being tempted into accepting her father’s offer, unlike her late husband, Jack.

At a poker game at the saloon, Agatha bonds with Lucas and asks him to consider Elizabeth’s father’s offer to relocate to Hamilton. Given so many things happening around them, the engaged couple cannot properly converse about the same, increasing Elizabeth’s worries that he would agree with her family. In addition, Agatha even tries convincing her niece to leave Hope Valley, yet the latter is adamant about staying and shows he much she feels at home in the town. Later, as the entire town gathers for Agatha and Julie’s farewell picnic at the hot springs, she cannot help but admit that Elizabeth has found her true calling in Hope Valley.

Besides, Lucas puts all her fears to rest when he turns down Agatha’s offer to move away, stating that he is happy with Elizabeth and has grown to call Hope Valley his home. This overjoys her, and she is assured that he loves her and would do anything for her, including staying in the town she dearly adores. Seeing Lucas’ affection for her niece, Agatha is relieved and gives the couple their blessing before leaving. Although Elizabeth and Lucas choose not to leave Hope Valley, they might face a lot of turbulence from her family about the same in the days ahead.

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