When Calls the Heart Season 9 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

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The season 9 finale of the drama TV seriesWhen Calls the Heart‘ is titled ‘Rock, A Bye, Baby.’ While Elizabeth prays for Lucas to return, Rosemary’s anticipation about her pregnancy increases. Hope Valley welcomes back one of its dearest residents and also applauds the courage of another. However, a sudden mishap endangers lives and threatens to ruin Lucas’ hard work. Do Elizabeth and her loved ones finally find their happiness or does tragedy strike Hope Valley again? Let’s find out the answer as well as about the much-awaited ending of the ‘When Calls the Heart’ season 9 finale! SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Finale Recap

‘Rock, A Bye, Baby’ commences with Rosemary finding out about Arthur Gilchrist’s offer to Lee. When she confronts him about the same, he explains that he has turned him down as he does not wish to leave Hope Valley. Meanwhile, Gustave worries about Lucas and requests Elizabeth to enquire about him. Not just that, Allie catches up with her and asks for help find a suitable partner for Nathan. Elizabeth is a bit surprised at it but advises the young girl to let her father decide about his future.

Image Credit: Eike Schroter/Crown Media

Later, Joseph and Minnie borrow Lee’s car to go for a picnic, where they end up discussing her father’s letter. Minnie advises her husband to reconcile with him and put aside their differences to collaborate in business. Joseph agrees to her suggestion and the couple ends their conflict. Elsewhere, Henry who had gone hiding in Benson Hills after blowing up the coal mines earlier voluntarily turns himself in to the Mounties. As he is brought back to Hope Valley, the townsfolk acknowledge his courageous act and give him a hero’s welcome.

Bill unwillingly puts Henry in jail when Jerome Smith and the oil company investors charge him with two felony counts, but he promises to help his friend in any way possible. Henry then makes a large donation to the church through Elizabeth and asks her to keep it anonymous. Moreover, he requests that Rosemary not print the article she has written on him in the Valley Voice. Though she is a bit taken aback at first, she readily cancels her article out of respect for his good deeds. In the meantime, Faith confesses to Molly about her attraction toward Nathan but refuses to act on them as he is her patient.

Faith gets further dejected when Mei Sou returns to town, and while Nathan is happy to see her, he too feels conflicted about his feelings for both women. Michael tells Fiona that he is stepping down from his post as Hope Valley’s mayor, and decides to join her again at the oil company. Afterward, Henry summons Joseph to jail and asks him to teach him how to pray, as he wants to seek redemption from his guilt. Everyone is touched seeing this selfless side of his and Florence apologizes to him for having misunderstood him earlier. Just as everything is falling into place, Lucas’ saloon catches fire at night and Lee and Nathan rush inside to help people.

Luckily, no one gets hurt and with the help of the water wagons Mike had allotted during the Hope Valley Days, the fire is put out. At the same time, Bill realizes that his health is getting worse and Faith reprimands him for not paying heed to her warnings. He then agrees to listen to her and decides to go to Union City for treatment. Before he leaves, he gives Elizabeth his will for safekeeping and assures her that nothing shall happen to him. Molly accompanies Bill to Union City, and upon returning, she confides in Faith about an endearing moment they shared on the way.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Finale Ending: Do Lucas and Elizabeth Get Engaged?

Seeing Gustave so worried, Elizabeth sends Nathan to look out for Lucas and is surprisingly sure about where he may have gone. She turns out to be right, as Nathan finds him camping in the woods. Both men then have a meaningful conversation that strengthens their friendship, and Nathan advises Lucas to return to town once he has gained clarity of mind. Later, when everyone is busy putting out the fire at the saloon, the latter returns and goes in to help. The next day, he feels dejected upon seeing the damage in the saloon and contemplates what to do next.

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However, Lucas is surprised when Elizabeth tells him that she was sure that he would return and knew his whereabouts without even opening the letter he had left her. Touched to see how much she loves and understands him, he makes up his mind about their future. Lucas takes Elizabeth and Jack Jr. on a walk, and with the latter’s help, he proposes to her sweetly. She happily accepts and they get engaged while planning to visit her family in Hamilton.

Does Lee Find Out About Rosemary’s Pregnancy?

Ever since Faith tells Rosemary that she might be pregnant, she is highly anxious to confirm it and has difficulty hiding the news from Lee. Furthermore, she fears feeling disappointed if it turns out to be a false alarm, as she and her husband have badly wanted a baby for a long time. Thus, she seeks Elizabeth’s help in sneaking out a book on pregnancy from Faith’s office, as she is afraid to consult her and get potential bad news.

Faith, however, realizes her patient’s dilemma and suggests to her how to find out if she indeed is pregnant. After waiting for a couple of days, Rosemary finally gets a confirmed indication that she is expecting a child. Elated at this, she immediately shares it with Lee, whose joys know no bounds realizing that he is going to be a father. As he runs out into the street loudly announcing the wonderful news, the couple decides to let go of Arthur Glichrist’s offer and raise their baby in Hope Valley.

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