When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

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Season 9 episode 7 of the hit drama TV series ‘When Calls the Heart’ is titled ‘Hope Valley Days Part 1’ and sees mayor Mike announcing a two-week-long holiday celebrating five festivals. As the cheer spreads through Hope Valley, Joseph and Minnie contemplate buying Abigail’s share of the café and plan for a bank loan. Lee and Rosemary’s dreams of expanding the newspaper start materializing and Faith decides to fully take charge of her career as well.

On the other hand, Lucas and Henry worry when Fiona sends bad news from San Francisco, and Mei Sou’s past finally catches up with her when Geoffrey arrives in town. A shocked Nathan struggles to digest the news as Bill tries to control the situation, while Elizabeth attempts to help an old student. Intrigued to find out more about all these incidents and the ending of ‘When Calls the Heart’ season 9 episode 7? Here is all that you wish to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 7 Recap

As Hope Valley’s mayor, Michael decides to organize a celebration of the town by appointing five council members to organize five different holidays of the year. In this two-week event named Hope Valley Days, Elizabeth and Mei Sou host Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day respectively, Rosemary and Lee take charge of Halloween, and Florence and Ned agree to plan the Hanukkah festivities. What’s more, Bill decides to participate as well by organizing April Fool’s Day. Though Lee is still critical of Michael’s leadership capabilities, his wife reasons with him and requests him to give the mayor’s good intentions a fair chance.

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Soon, a letter from renowned newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst arrives at the Valley Voice office, and the Coulters get excited at the prospect of expanding the newspaper’s reach. Meanwhile, Lucas struggles with the oil company deal and Henry dejectedly informs him that their plan of sending Fiona to convince Jerome Smith fell through. Thus, both men decide to go to San Francisco themselves later. At the café, an excited Minnie tells Elizabeth about planning to buy Abigail’s share and co-owning the space with Bill.

Elizabeth tries to teach her students about the importance of Thanksgiving and later tries to help Anna, who is an old student. She is upset as her mother has gotten a new job outside Hope Valley, and she does not want to leave. Elizabeth encourages Anna to stand on her feet and prove to her mother that she can successfully manage herself.

Elsewhere, Faith asks Michael to allot some funds for the clinic’s new X-ray machine, but he unwillingly refuses her as she runs a private practice and doesn’t work at the infirmary anymore. However, he motivates her to adopt a new approach to her career and go fully independent with her clinic. Later, Faith advises Mei Sou to accept her feelings for Nathan and give him a chance. He, in the meantime, asks Elizabeth to give him driving lessons but soon gets annoyed by her overtly strict methods and approaches Lucas instead.

Afterward, Bill faces a health scare and consults Faith, who diagnoses the symptoms as probable pneumonia and implores him to visit a city doctor. In the evening, Florence and Ned organize the candle lighting ceremony for Hanukkah at the saloon and tell everyone about the festival’s significance. Elizabeth and Lucas share some tender moments at Rosemary and Lee’s Halloween bonfire afterward and sweetly discuss their wedding plans. Moreover, Faith considers Michael’s words and decides to run her clinic all by herself.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 7 Ending: Does Mei Sou Confront Geoffrey?

Mei Sou is ecstatic when, impressed by her efficiency, the Yosts officially hire her as Hope Valley’s pharmacist. Unfortunately, her happiness is cut short when her alleged husband Geoffrey Lewis arrives in town looking for her. He rudely confronts Bill and lands in jail after trying to hit him. Nathan is shocked to know about Mei Sou being married as well as the larceny, forgery, and spousal abandonment charges that Geoffrey has filed against her in Chicago.

Bill as well is disappointed in Mei Sou for not telling him the complete truth and tells her to face Geoffrey. She reveals that he has most likely forged her signature on the marriage license and that she never married him. Furthermore, she feels upset when Nathan begins avoiding her and worries about facing her so-called husband after so long. Lucas tries convincing Nathan to give her a chance to explain, but the latter refuses to listen.

Just when Mei Sou is gathering the courage to talk to Geoffrey, Allie comes and asks her for advice regarding Robert. While explaining things to her, Mei Sou herself gets motivated and confronts Geoffrey. She tells him to stay away from her and drop the false charges he filed against her. The man doesn’t back off and keeps forcing her to come back with him to Chicago. Regardless of this, Mei Sou takes a stand for herself and cuts him off, while Nathan and Bill agree to provide her with police protection.

Do Joseph and Minnie Get the Bank Loan?

To buy out Abigail’s part of the café, Minnie and Joseph travel to Buxton to apply for a bank loan. Joseph agrees but is skeptical about how they would be treated there due to their traumatic past as well as the pertinent problem of racial discrimination. His fears come true when the bank rejects their application due to undisclosed reasons.

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When a dejected Joseph returns and shares the news with the Coulters, Lee feels extremely bad for him. He decides to secretly use his influence and tells the bank to sanction the loan or else he would withdraw his business with them. In addition, he offers to anonymously cover the loan for the Canfields and manages to persuade the bank. By doing so, he wishes to indirectly express his gratitude towards Joseph’s contribution to the sawmill. As Joseph and Minnie receive the happy news, the Coulters feel content seeing their friends happy.

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