When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained

Titled ‘Recent Memory,’ season 9 episode 9 of ‘When Calls the Heart‘ witnesses a tense situation for Hope Valley residents as Wyman Walden returns to town. While Lucas and Bill silently hope that the brilliant plan they have devised to nab him works out, Elizabeth gets worried about her boyfriend’s safety. Nathan also faces his share of woes as Mei Sou leaves for Chicago, unsure about when she would return.

Furthermore, Fiona returns from San Francisco without Henry, and Rosemary and Lee’s efforts to support Joseph backfire. With the Queen of Hearts Saloon and Hope Valley’s future at stake, will the townsfolk be able to trap Wyman in his own game? Now, if you’re curious to find out more about the exhilarating ending of ‘When Calls the Heart’ season 9 episode 9, let’s get right into it after a quick recap of events! SPOILERS AHEAD.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 9 Recap

The episode commences with Lucas giving Elizabeth a birthday surprise by sending her roses, after which they decide to celebrate by having an intimate family dinner with Jack. Fiona comes back from San Francisco and informs Lucas that Henry arrived there and got into a severe altercation with the board of directors. While they escorted him out, they decided to replace him with Fiona and keep Lucas on board as an investor for a year. With this disappointing verdict, Fiona returns home while Henry stays back for some undisclosed business.

Later, Bill bumps into Michael, who shockingly tells him that he plans on resigning as mayor because of his lack of confidence. Dismayed at this, Bill tries to convince him to change his mind but is disrupted by Joseph, who is understaffed at the café due to Minnie and Angela’s brief absence.  Elsewhere, Rosemary discusses her birthday plan for Elizabeth with Lee and Fiona and further divulges her excitement about William Randolph Hearst’s employee Arthur Gilchrist visiting them soon.

Arthur plans to add their newspaper to the Hearst Publications chain, but surprisingly, Fiona is not too pleased to hear his name. She calls him up through her contacts to enquire about his true purpose in visiting Hope Valley, only to discover that he is an investor in the oil company. Though Lee and Rosemary are a bit dejected to find out about Arthur’s vested interests, they are still hopeful that he helps them expand the Valley Voice. At the café, Joseph finds out that Lee had co-signed his bank loan and feels upset that the latter did not ask for his permission, regardless of the helpful intentions involved.

In the meantime, Mei Sou decides to return to Chicago to stand in court against Geoffrey, as he still pursues the false cases he filed against her. Unable to say goodbye to Nathan, Mei Sou plans to quietly exit town but bumps into him while leaving. The two share an emotional moment that indicates their unsaid feelings for each other, after which she leaves without disclosing when she would return. After her departure, Nathan has an endearing chat with Faith about their respective love interests leaving them.

Elsewhere, Florence has a tiny accident with her new washing machine, resulting in a hilarious soap situation in the mercantile. Not just that, Wyman Walden returns to town with Julius in tow, and his devious schemes force Lucas to tell Elizabeth the truth about their shady dealings. She gets extremely scared for their safety and hopes that Lucas and Bill’s plan materializes, despite the dangers it involves.

Afterward, Lucas takes refuge in her house and they have a sweet dinner with Jack, sharing their childhood memories. Though this is not the birthday Lucas planned for Elizabeth, she feels rather content being with him and feels assured that she found the right person. As the episode ends, Joseph and Cooper have a meaningful conversation, and the little boy requests to take some time off from the Sunday church.

When Calls the Heart Season 9 Episode 9 Ending: Does Wyman Walden Get Arrested?

Wyman Walden returns to Hope Valley with Julius and threatens Lucas to sell him the Queen of Hearts saloon. Thus, Elizabeth and Lucas consult Bill about the matter, who then shares that the oil company under Jerome Smith plans to reopen the coal mines and eventually collaborate with the foundry represented by Wyman to manufacture steel. This is a matter of concern because reopening the coal mines will bring back a lot of tragic memories for the town and cause health hazards for everyone. Knowing this, Bill, Fiona, Henry, and Lucas decided to team up secretly and stop Wyman and Jerome altogether.

To trap the cunning Wyman and Julius, Bill hatches a plan wherein he pretends to help them buy the saloon from Lucas for free by using a loophole in the forfeiture law. He then drives Lucas out of town and declares his intent to become the mayor and gain control of Hope Valley. By doing so, Bill wins Wyman’s trust and then asks him to arrange token money in return to buy Lucas’ share in the oil company. When the latter comes back with the money, Bill quickly arrests him at gunpoint for fraud and snatches away his pistol.

It is revealed that Wyman allegedly murdered a hotel owner in the nearby Brookefield with the same pistol, which Bill had cleverly marked before when he confiscated it. After matching the mark with the bullets found in the murder case, Bill gains even more evidence to build a solid case against Wyman. At the same time, Julius tries to flee in his car, but Nathan swiftly chases after him on Newton and manages to stop him by injuring him with his rifle. With Bill and Nathan’s collective efforts, Wyman and Julius are finally put behind the bars and Hope Valley residents feel relieved.

Does Lucas Get Back the Queen of Hearts?

After Wyman gets arrested, Lucas does get back his ownership of the Queen of Hearts saloon but lands in serious trouble. Bill and Nathan recover two books from his office, which indicate that he is a part of an illegal gambling ring operating from Louisiana. However, Lucas insists that he has nothing to do with the gambling and that Wyman has framed him deliberately by planting those books in his office.

Lucas also mentions that he has been secretly helping his friend Janette O’Croix, who is a French-speaking informer working at the Treasury Department in New Orleans. As she went silent after asking him to go ahead with getting Wyman caught by the law, the wily businessman managed to foil their plans and threaten Lucas. Moreover, Elizabeth too testifies about being aware of her boyfriend and Janette’s partnership, but Bill suggests finding and summoning her from New Orleans to clear Lucas of all the blame.

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