Will Mei Sou Return to Hope Valley? Is Amanda Wong Leaving When Calls the Heart?

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Season 9 of the hit drama TV series ‘When Calls the Heart’ introduces the viewers to Mei Suo (Amanda Wong), a beautiful pharmacist who arrives in Hope Valley to work with Ned and Florence. Soon, she develops a close bond with Nathan after she helps him recover from an accident as well as from Elizabeth’s rejection. But just as they start realizing their feelings, the hidden facets of Mei’s past come to light and threaten to destroy their friendship. Eventually, she is forced to leave the town to deal with her problems, thus making fans wonder if she will ever come back or not. Let’s find out more about this, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Mei Sou Return to Hope Valley?

Mei Sou arrives in Hope Valley to work as a pharmacist at the Yost’s new pharmacy and ice cream shop, after answering their letters. But they grow suspicious of her because they had written to a man named Geoffrey Lewis, who is allegedly Mei’s husband. She explains that she responded to the letters as him and thus came to apply for the job. Despite Faith’s repeated questions about Mei Sou’s husband, she evades the topic completely and seeks Bill’s help to investigate Geoffrey.

Image Credit: David Dolsen/Crown Media

Moreover, when Nathan and Newton get injured in a hit and run, she uses her exemplary veterinary skills to heal the poor horse. Impressed by her compassion and patience, Nathan befriends her and slowly, they start developing feelings for each other. In addition, she becomes a mentor to his niece Allie and helps her learn self-acceptance. However, suddenly, Geoffrey arrives in Hope Valley and claims that Mei Sou is his wife and that he has filed cases of larceny, forgery, and spousal abandonment against her in Chicago.

Shocked at this revelation, Nathan gets upset at Mei Sou for hiding such a big truth and decides to confront her. She discloses that she worked as Geoffrey’s apprentice during her medical school days, after which he got obsessed with her and proposed to her. When Mei Sou refused, Geoffrey lied to everyone that she had accepted his proposal and even forged a fake marriage license to trap her. Hence, she escaped to Hope Valley to start afresh, but now he returns to harass her.

Though Geoffrey leaves after Nathan manages to prove that the marriage is fake, he continues to pursue the cases he filed against Mei Sou in Chicago, and the court summons her for a hearing. To set matters straight once and for all, she decides to go to Chicago for a while but hesitates to share this with Nathan. Later, he is dejected to see her go but they part on a sweet note after thanking each other for being supportive.

With a lot left unsaid between her and Nathan, Mei Sou departs Hope Valley indefinitely. But it is highly likely that she may return to town as soon as the court matter gets settled because she has created a new life for herself there and enjoys working at the pharmacy. Not just that, she and Nathan have started to fall for each other, and her hesitation to leave him guarantees that she may come back for him. She further has him and Bill to protect her in case of any problem, and the sense of community she finds in Hope Valley makes her feel accepted.

Furthermore, Mei Sou does not resign before leaving or disclose anything about moving back to Chicago permanently. Thus, she shall probably return like Florence and Molly are anticipating, as she also doesn’t have many family members or fond memories that may keep her in Chicago. On top of that, Nathan may realize his love for her and try searching for her to bring her back with him.

Though Mei Sou is a rather independent woman who does not open up easily, she warms up to almost everyone in town. Upon realizing the good her move to Hope Valley has done for her, it is possible that she changes her mind about leaving forever. Nonetheless, she shall face fierce competition for Nathan’s heart when she comes back, as her own best friend Faith has seemingly fallen for him and is not too comfortable with their growing closeness.

Is Amanda Wong Leaving When Calls the Heart?

As of now, Amanda Wong has not made any indications of leaving ‘When Calls the Heart’ anytime soon, and even the makers have not hinted at writing off her character Mei Sou. It could be that she is briefly taking a small hiatus to let the narrative play out or for personal purposes, but the chances of her staying back in the show are quite good.

Image Credit: David Dolsen/Crown Media

This is because Mei Sou has several possibilities to explore in terms of a love triangle involving Nathan and Faith. Moreover, she is a pivotal character in season 9, and since the circumstances of her departure are not permanent, the makers shall like to explore more with her story arc now since the mystery about her supposed husband has been solved. For a little while, we can safely assume that Amanda is not going anywhere and will continue entertaining her fans on the show.

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