When Hope Calls: Filming Locations and Cast

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‘When Hope Calls’ is a family drama series that captured a massive fanbase in no time when it premiered on Hallmark on August 30, 2019, and later shifted its base to GAC Family for the subsequent season. It is a spin-off of the popular series ‘When Calls the Heart,’ which is inspired by the eponymous book from novelist Janette Oke’s ‘Canadian West Series.’ Created by Alfonso H. Moreno, the romantic period drama essentially follows the lives of the beloved sibling duo Grace and Lillian from the original series.

After getting separated at a young age, Grace and Lillian eventually find each other as adults and start an orphanage in the town of Brookfield in western Canada. Set in 1916, the visual recreation of the romantic series is spectacular in every sense. Every minute detail has been accurately represented, which is crucial for any period drama. The Wild West setting of the town, orphanage, and ranch, among other scenic details, take us back to that period effortlessly. So, if you are wondering where and how the filming of the series takes place, we are here to provide you with the answers.

When Hope Calls Filming Locations

For the uninitiated, the town of Brookfield, where the show is set, is a fictional location. ‘When Hope Calls’ is actually filmed entirely in a picturesque municipality in the province of Ontario. The inaugural season was reportedly filmed sometime in the Summer of 2019, while the production on the sophomore season — after its move to GAC Family — commenced in Fall 2021. Here are the details of locations that were used and transformed to serve the purpose of ‘When Hope Calls.’

Powassan, Ontario

Located in Northern Ontario, the municipality of Powassan doubles up as the town of Brookfield on the show. Just 25-30 minutes south of North Bay, the friendly town has opened its doors to the production crew of ‘When Hope Calls.’ The rural countryside of the small town perfectly suits the vibe of the fictional town in the show. In an open field in the Powassan, the production crew constructed the western village of Brookfield to be used solely for the purpose of filming.

The Powassan Post Office and a Chisholm Township farm were reportedly used to film a few scenes of season 1. In an interview, Producer David Anselmo said that approximately 1000 carpenter days spanning over 12 weeks resulted in the creation of a permanent studio backlot during the winter season of 2019. Local carpenters were trained under the guidance of Toronto-based experts to build this picturesque studio backlot.

The backlot, being the largest of its kind in the northern Ontario region, has captured the attention of several other productions for shooting here. The second season of the series is also seemingly filmed in the same location as season 1.

North Bay, Ontario

Another location used for shooting the Western drama is the city of North Bay that lies next to Powassan in the northern Ontario region. The city provides all kinds of scenic views in the form of vast forests, parklands and lakes, and downtown streetscapes — all of which are ample bait for any filmmaker. A few scenes of the series might have been filmed in various parts of North Bay.

When Hope Calls Cast

Morgan Kohan portrays the role of Lillian Walsh, the older sister of Grace, who was separated from her sister and adopted in her childhood. Among other roles credited to Morgan, the prominent ones include ‘Jade’s Asylum,’ ‘The Bold Type,’ Alice Alone,’ ‘The Black Widow Killer,’ and ‘Star Trek Discovery.’ Jocelyn Hudon, who essays the role of Grace Bennett (younger sister to Lillian) in season 1, probably doesn’t appear in the second season. Hudon is known for her performance ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘The Order,’ ‘The Christmas Cure,’ and ‘From Friend to Fiance.’

Actor Ryan-James Hatanaka plays the role of the local Mountie, Constable Gabriel “Gabe” Kinslow. Noteworthy roles undertaken by Hatanaka include ‘Eye Candy,’ ‘Mr. D,’ ‘Chicago PD,’ and ‘Simple Wedding’ among others. Another main cast member of this Western family drama — Greg Hovanessian, who portrays the character of Charlie “Chuck” Stewart, most likely bid the show goodbye after season 1. He is known for ‘Hudson & Rex,’ ‘Another Life,’ and ‘UnREAL,’ among others. One of the significant members of the cast is Lori Loughlin, who reprises her role as Abigail from the original series.

Other cast members of the family drama include Daniel Lissing (Jack Thornton), Carter Ryan Evancic (Cody), Wendy Crewson (Tess Stewart), Neil Crone (Ronnie Stewart), Elizabeth Saunders (Eleanor Winters), Marshall Williams (Sam Tremblay), Hanneke Talbot (Maggie Parsons), Jefferson Brown (Joe Moody), among others.

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