Where Are Brent Wolgamott, Dennis Rowe, and Tyrone Lacour Now?

Image Credit: Brent Wolgamott/Instagram

HBO Max’s crime series ‘The Staircase’ revolves around the murder of Kathleen Peterson, who is found dead at the bottom of a staircase at her house. The authorities suspect that Michael Peterson is the killer and their investigation leads to the revelation that Michael is bisexual. DA Jim Hardin and ADA Freda Black come across three individuals with whom Michael was involved.

In the show, Brent Wolgamott, Dennis Rowe, and Tyrone Lacour are significant presences in the investigation of Kathleen’s murder. If the show has stirred curiosity among the viewers regarding the current whereabouts of the three real-life figures, let us share what we know!

Where is Brent Wolgamott Now?

As per court records, in August and September of 2001, Brent Wolgamott was in active correspondence with Michael Peterson under the name “Brad from Raleigh” and even set up a date, only for him to stand Michael up. After that incident, Brent became a witness in Michael’s trial, for the prosecution to theorize that Kathleen might have been killed by Michael after she came to know about her husband’s involvement with Brent. Following the trial, Brent struggled with painkiller addiction and got into legal troubles concerning the same.

Eventually, Brent moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, from North Carolina due to notoriety. As of 2018, Brent had been clean for 13 years. Years after the trial, Brent is still living in Cincinnati. Brent is currently working as a podcaster in a reality TV podcast, chiefly recapping the reality show ‘Big Brother Canada.’ Before his current work, Brent worked in ‘Rob Has a Podcast’ by former ‘Survivor‘ contestant Rob Cesternino.

Brent also runs a YouTube channel named “Brent Wolgamott’s Lucky Slot Channel,” uploading videos about slot machines and streaming his live slot play. He is currently in a relationship with Aurelio Rodriguez. The couple celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship in March 2022. He is close with his family and regularly shares his time with them on his social media platforms.

Where is Dennis Rowe Now?

In ‘The Staircase,’ Dennis Rowe informs DA Hardin that he had sex with Michael anonymously at a sex shop. When Hardin asks him about Michael’s other possible affairs, Rowe suspects Tyrone Lacour’s involvement with Michael. In reality, Dennis Rowe was found dead inside a trash can in his Maynard Avenue home in Durham in November 2004. According to reports, Rowe was beaten and stabbed before he was stuffed inside the can, with a plastic bag covering his dead. Duct tape was used to tie his hands behind him. The body was reportedly found by a friend who arrived at Rowe’s house to check on him.

During Rowe and Kathleen’s childhood, they lived in the same block in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They both met tragic ends in their lives in the same city of Durham, North Carolina. In 2006, Tyrone Lacour was arrested for the murder. In January 2009, he pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Dennis Rowe. He was incarcerated for nearly 16 years for the murder of Rowe. At the time of his death, Rowe was working at U.S. postal Service in Raleigh in the Technical Support Department. As per reports, Rowe wasn’t in a marital relationship around the time of his death.

Where is Tyrone Lacour Now?

Image Credit: WRAL

After killing Dennis Rowe, Tyrone Lacour was on the run until January 2006. He was arrested in Lancaster, Virginia, almost two years after the murder. After pleading guilty to the murder in 2009, he was imprisoned in Central Prison, North Carolina, until June 2020. As per reports, he was charged with two counts of second-degree forcible sexual offense in Orange County in December 2021. Now in his 60s, Tyrone Lacour’s last known address, as per court documents, is Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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