Where Are Christine and Marty Cook Now?

On HBO Max’s three-part docuseries, ‘Low Country: The Murdaugh Dynasty,’ focuses on the influential Murdaugh family from Lowcountry, South Carolina. The family members had been a legal mainstay in the area for close to a century before a flurry of incidents led to their downfall. One of them was a boating accident that involved young Paul Murdaugh and five of his friends.

In February 2019, a boat crashed near Parris Island, South Carolina, killing Mallory Beach. While Paul was accused of driving under the influence, Connor Cook was one of the six people on the boat. On the show, Connor’s parents, Christine and Marty Cook talked about everything that went through their minds upon learning of the accident. So, if you’re curious about where they might be today, here’s what we know.

Who Are Christine and Marty Cook?

Christine and Marty Cook got a call in the middle of the night on February 24, 2019, from their son, Connor. He told them there was an accident and asked them to come to the hospital immediately. The previous evening, Connor and his girlfriend, Miley Altman, had gone to a house party with Paul Murdaugh and his girlfriend, Morgan Doughty, and Anthony Cook and his girlfriend, Mallory Beach. They had all gone in Paul’s boat.

It was reported that the group left the party around midnight before Paul and Connor headed to a bar in Beaufort, South Carolina. The six of them got back onto the boat sometime after 1 am on February 24, and the accident happened around 2:20 am. In the aftermath, some in the group said Paul was drunk and was driving the boat at the time of the incident. On the show, Marty talked about how Paul’s father, Richard Alex Murdaugh, called them continuously while on their way to the hospital. They stated that Alex tried to convince them that Connor was driving the boat.

Connor had later mentioned overhearing a phone call between Paul and his grandfather, Randolph Murdaugh. Paul claimed that Connor was driving the boat. Furthermore, Christine said that Paul had to be restrained in the ambulance because they were unable to control him. Despite his alleged drunk state, it was reported that he was not given a sobriety test.

Where Are Christine and Marty Cook Today?

Marty grew up with Alex and always remembered him as scheming and manipulative. On the show, he said that by the time they arrived at the hospital, Alex was already there and mentioned his influence over judges and jurors. Apart from that, Christine and Marty claimed that Alex directed them to hire Cory Fleming as a lawyer for Connor. But they didn’t know at the time that Cory and Alex were classmates and quite close. So, the Cooks let Cory go as soon as they learned of the connection.

However, on the show, they mentioned finding it challenging to hire a lawyer after that. Then, in September 2021, Connor filed a lawsuit against Alex. As for Christine and Marty, it appears that they are no longer a couple. While Marty seems to be in a relationship, Christine is single. From what we can tell, Marty works in construction. The two are still close to Connor and their other son, Cameron. Christine and Marty still live in Hampton, South Carolina, and the former recently visited Jacksonville, Florida, to watch an NFL game.

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